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  1. Thanks for the reply!! Another Q what kind of area do they let you enjoy the show? Thanks again Can wait to see and help MFR on Monday!!
  2. Hey Guys Im going to be a volunteer at the show in Taipei next week I have a question to the ppl who have been a volunteer before Do we get to see the whole show or only part of it? Thanks guys!!
  3. Fort Minor 2006.2.24 Taipei,Taiwan Linkin Park 2007.11.16 Taipei,Taiwan 2008.10.17 Taipei,Taiwan(cancelled) 2009.8.13 Taipei,Taiwan 2011.9.19 Taipei,Taiwan(as a MFR Volunteer) Dead By Sunrise 2010.1.30 Taipei,Taiwan Im very lucky to have the opportunity to get to watch the 3 bands live
  4. tickets start selling this Saturday It's already confirmed by the organizers!! Oh boy!! it's been 2 years!!! Time Flies!! Time to Rock Again!!
  5. Happy Birthday FM!!! I will never forget the concert in TW 2006.2.24
  6. nice guys!!! LPL rules!!!!
  7. then whats the meaning of helding a ROCK CONCERT??? sorry to hear that... i wonder how does it going to sound in the DSP?
  8. Where's Taiwan!!! they are No.1 Too!!
  9. Love The Beats Earphone~
  10. Really looks awesome!!!! love the part when Chester closes up on the window!!!! Cant wait for this Music Video!!
  11. so the asia tour will be before the Australian tour? damn!! hope they come back to Taiwan but i cant attend to it! because im going to be in Korea... so...hope they come to Korea too!
  12. wish i had a newer iPhone.. my iPhone 2G works too slow... sometime it jumps out of the game....
  13. im pretty sure we'll see more of Joe on the new album!!
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