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20.01.2011 - Sunrise, FL


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So tomorrow the first show of the North American tour is going to happen. This will be the third performance of Linkin Park in this city and the second time at the same venue. The first show was back in 2001 (show page here) and the second show was in 2004 as a part of the Meteora World Tour (show page here). In 2004 the venue was called Office Depot Center and now the name has been changed to Bank Atlantic Center. After the show there will be a day off and then they will play the second show of the tour in Tampa, FL. Find the whole tour schedule here.


Back in 2004 before 'Faint' the band picked a guy from the crowd to play guitar with them, but he couldn't. Is there a chance that a fan will request during the M&G to play a song on guitar or bass with the band?


We got a lot of different set lists during the tours last year in Europe, Middle East and Australia (find them here). Do you think they will use these set lists or is there a chance of new set lists or even rotating ones again like late 2007 - end of 2008?


So far there is one song left from A Thousand Suns that hasn't been played live yet. Do you think there is a chance we'll get 'Robot Boy' sometime during the tour or even on the first date?


Who's going to the show? Anyone got a M&G?




01: The Requiem

02: Wretches & Kings

03: Papercut

04: Given Up

05: New Divide

06: Faint

07: Empty Spaces

08: When They Come For Me

09: No More Sorrow

10: Jornada Del Muerto

11: Waiting For The End

12: Wisdom, Justice & Love

13: Iridescent

14: Numb

15: The Radiance (Live Version)

16: Breaking The Habit

17: Shadow Of The Day

18: Crawling

19: One Step Closer


20: The Messenger (Happy Birthday Rob)

21: In The End

22: What I've Done

23: Bleed It Out (w/ A Place For My Head)


Show page can be found here.


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I think "Robot Boy" will be played sometime this tour. Maybe just to test it and the crowd's reaction. It is a very slow song, so I could see it being fit in around "Numb".


We will also probably see "Burning In The Skies" in every setlist for the rest of this tour, seeing how they will be pushing it as a single. "The Messenger" might get removed completely or only included in one setlist (if they are rotating).

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i think they'll play robot boy during this tour, but i bet it'll be during the last few shows. by now i guess they arranged the setlist just a bit, it would be weird if they drop bits if it will be the next single, but i guess they can't leave iridescent out of the setlist this soon. i'm half sure they'll drop at least one interlude

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In the middle of a 7 hour drive there now.


Follow me @hahninator on Twitter for setlists for first 3 shows!

Attending soundcheck tomorrow too!


If you're coming, FIND ME.

<Insert Witty Comment On How Hanninator Will Look So People Can Find Him/>


Can't wait to see what the setlist is. How did you get into soundcheck? MFR?

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I like the fact that Burning In The Skies will be in the setlist. I like to see Mike solo lol. I think they can improve that song. Mike said in the LPU chat that he was nervous the first time. Hopefully they'll stick with Blackout 'cos it's awesome live. They need Iridescent back I think. Other than that any setlist is good for me.

Shock inclusion of High Voltage you say?

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not sure on how to feel about BITS live. Wasn't too impressed.

Wow I think I just quoted someone I'm not sure. I'm new lol.

Yeah, we'll have to see. Like I said, Mike said he was nervous live and said his voice came out sort of "wavey". I'm sure he'll get into it.

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Hell yes, I sense an freaking awesome tour coming our way. Remember the 2008 US arena tour? Good shit.

Hell yeah! One of the best shows ever. Hands Held High, Valentine's Day, My December, AND A Place For My Head in Nashville. 4 rare songs in one night. Amazing.

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I'd like to see some old song on this tour like:

Points Of Authority & Somewhere I Belong (seems very realistic because that will be on London 2 setlist but not played for an uknown reason)


P5hng Me A*wy & Figure.09 (not so realistic but LP said that they'll bring back this )


my last dreamin' would be Figure.09/From The Inside in the same manner of PR04 but I don't think will ever happen

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