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  1. I'm a bit of a lurker but if any of you recognise the name Cranky_Camper92 from Discord... hi guys. For me personally, while like you, I support the band's decision 100% as I have since 2000, it is important to me that something comes out of this. I don't know what. Mike, I'm sure, will have something to make. Let's see with the others. God I hope so, but put it this way... can anybody here see something not being released by at least Mike? I can't. Maybe he will reignite Fort Minor, but after everything from the start up til now... Mike has always said the lines between Fort Minor and Linkin Park songs were becoming a bit blurred as time passed, so maybe now is the time to fully incorporate that. I just really can't see this being the end. Maybe I just don't want to see that, I dunno. Live... I'd like to see some tributes. Astat's idea is nice, and although I am hurting (so, so much), can it go on indefinitely? Unfortunately I think we may have to see some tributes, even for a year or a few, and then hold some old classics in our hearts. These 5 guys can definitely make beautiful music and I eventually will come to accept that Chester has left us, as most of us will. I would gladly stand by whatever they decide to do and go and see them play new music, maybe with a couple of tributes in the set for the real staple songs. EDIT: I actually really like the idea of the audience singing songs. Especially when there's a good mixture of Mike and Chester. One More Light would also be so touching EVERY time this way. Even more so than it already is I think. As I write, this goes back to can it go on indefinitely? Yes, but only in a certain manner after the first few years. Chester, I fucking miss you dude. You are not replaceable. That's all I have to say on that. I would rather listen to what the others have to say - about what you taught them, and maybe they can even teach us even more about you - than replace you with somebody else. Whatever happens, this will fuel Mike and the guys to do something special (I believe). One off or not, I don't believe it's the end.
  2. Haven't checked the lyrics against the song yet but it's been out for a few hours now and this seems pretty on the money: Tearing me apart with words you wouldn't say Suddenly tomorrow's moment washed away Cuz I don't have a reason and you don't have the time But we both keep on waiting for something we won't find The light on the horizon was brighter yesterday Shadows floating over, skies begin to fade You said it was forever but then it slipped away Standing at the end of the final masquerade All I've ever wanted, the secrets that you keep All you've ever wanted, the truth I couldn't speak Cuz I can't see forgiveness, and you can't see the crime If we both keep on waiting for what we left behind The light on the horizon was brighter yesterday Shadows floating over, skies begin to fade You said it was forever but then it slipped away Standing at the end of the final masquerade the final masquerade the final masquerade Standing at the end of the final masquerade The light on the horizon was brighter yesterday Shadows floating over, skies begin to fade You said it was forever but then it slipped away Standing at the end of the final masquerade Credit to Death Slayer over at LPA. I really like it. Not as diverse as people have made it out to be as a song but I think it definitely shows LPs diversity. If that makes sense.
  3. Which makes it the day before Download!! And that I'm even more excited now!! Haha!
  4. I thought the announcement was for June 17th? Keep seeing 13th in random places, is that an international thing or the original release or something? :/ EDIT: Just saw at LPA that its European release... 1) SWEEEEET!! 2) must've just missed it lol.
  5. Going to Download this year, excited to see Hybrid Theory because I've only been able to go to shows from about 2005/6 onwards and have yet to hear (and possibly won't have the chance to hear again) a lot of the other tracks live - With You, APFMH, Forgotten, etc. However, I do love this song and I'm excited to see how they'll play it live. I was wondering, what do people think of Rakim making an appearance simply because it's Download Festival and already a special occasion anyway? Seems possible right? Either way, I'm excited to see what will happen live. Possible new bridge for live shows? And if 6.14 proves to be the launch time, who knows what else could happen there? It's perfect timing! EDIT: Sorry if anyone suggested this I just haven't read through 20 pages right now. Just being honest
  6. Anyone have any guesses on what time this is going live? Surely with 500 globally they've gotta have a universal time?
  7. who reckons castle of glass for the next one? actually i think it's spelt 'burn. it. down.'... help anyone? jeez.
  8. True, but I'm not sure one has ever been that noticeable.... has it? Haha. You would have thought though that if it was a mistake, then that's something (DEFINITELY) in this song that they would have noticed in production. TBH, I don't feel lie it takes anything away from or adds to the song so I don't mind.
  9. YES. I noticed that on the very first listen but the more I listen to it the less it bugs me and sounds okay. I can't tell if it's a mistake... I wouold say ask at the meet and greets but is that a bit mean? "Did you leave this mistake on the albums you stupid people?"
  10. 100% don't think Skin To Bone could ever top the list for me, though now I've listened over more times it seems to have got less and less repetitive (well it still is a bit) but it's become more interesting. it's not a bad song, it's not one i won't listen to, just not as much as the others I think. Anyway my original point was that I completely agree, Skin to Bone is my least favourite track at the moment and then burn it down and lies greed misery just don't seem as good. as i said before, castle of glass is in my head and has been since the leak. amazing song. new favourite song. in my remains and lost in the echo are in my head. i'll be gone - best song that will turn into an anthem i've heard in a long time, possibly ever. powerless - very emotional song, fit around my life pretty well atm to be honest but that's not the point, it's just really strong and heartfelt... as is roads untravelled. until it breaks i actually love, mikes dissing is so good and when i listen to it over it sounds more like a complete song rather than multiple unfinished ones, same with victimized, the more i listen, the more the pieces fit. tinfoil... as everyone else said, intro to powerless... favourite album so far... order? LT HT ATS = M MTM short but sweet, my lights are blown and i have work in 3 hours so im going to bed. peace.
  11. MTM and ATS were like, "We don't wanna do the same thing and want to experiment but we're a bit nervous" (Don't get me wrong, I love both records) Whereas LT is like "Fuck you, we're Linkin Park and we'll do what we want." That's the impression I get since the experimentation began.
  12. And the award for the catchiest song goes to Castle Of Glass! Fcuk, I can't stop listening to that shit.
  13. Absolutely can't get enough of this album. Amazing. I don't think you have to listen to it as a whole once you let the songs settle in, but when you do, it does add something to the experience of it. Favourite album ever.
  14. don't forget there is more europe. we just have to wait.
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