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Linkin Park Song Election - Finals 1


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Here we are. This is the final election for studio tracks. After this, we'll do Collision Course and various other remixes. This is why Reanimation's results aren't included in this election.


Like before, vote for your least favorite track. You have only one vote per round and rounds will last about two days (sometimes more, sometimes less). Ties outside of the final three rounds will result in all tied tracks being eliminated. Within the final rounds, ties will be decided by a tiebreaker round.


Without further explanation, here's the finalists for the song election:


Hybrid Theory EP:

- And One

- Part of Me


Hybrid Theory:

- With You

- A Place For My Head

- Papercut



- Faint

- Breaking the Habit

- Figure.09


Minutes to Midnight:

- In Pieces

- The Little Things Give You Away

- No More Sorrow


A Thousand Suns:

- Waiting for the End

- Iridescent

- When They Come For Me



- No Roads Left


- My December


I'll get the voting started with Breaking the Habit.

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I'll get the voting started with Breaking the Habit.

lolowut? really? BTh? thats my second favorite on here.


I was gonna vote TLTGYA, but to save Part of Me (which is a good song), i'm gonna vote No Roads Left

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