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Will we see My December soon?


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As most of you guys know LP usually starts to play My December around this time of year, and with the Australian and US tours coming up, you guys think we'll get it this year? My bets are yes on the US tour, as far as Australia, can't say for sure, might be too early, might not be.

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australian fans should try to demand it at m&g's :D


who cares if it's not relevant :D its an awesome song live :) i am sure chester can pull it off unrehearsed as they played some songs unrehearsed at the european tour and it worked out pretty well...

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Coming soon begins a North American tour.

There is a possibility that this tour will be performed the song My december.

But there is a problem. If this song will be performed: then, in what variant?

- My December (original version from LPU2)

- My December (piano version)

- My December (acoustic version)

- or maybe, my dcmbr (Mickey P. feat. Kelli Ali) from the album's REANIMATION ? only without Mickey P. feat. Kelli Ali  ;)  

Why not ?

In addition, already performed some songs live, from this album, such as:

- FRGT 10 (Alchemist feat. Chali 2na)

- P5hng me a'wy (Mike Shinolda feat. Sthepen richards)

- Istp klosr (The Humble brothers feat. Jonathan Davis)

- Krwlng (Mike Shinolda feat. Aaron Lewis)

And I think, the song My December performed / will be performed very often:

- My December 2000-2004 (acoustic & original versions)

- My December 2006-2008 (piano version)

- My December 2011 ?

And that's why, I would like to talk to you, about the song My December, in the 2011 year.


Personally, I think so, there is a chance to hear my dcmbr in 2011 year.

It's amazing song and it easy to perform.


The more, this song has not performed since 2008 year.

In general, while there is time before the tour to North America, I propose to discuss it.

As for me, I have this favorite song on the album Reanimation.

And I'd like to hear this song live.


What do you think guys ?

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I don't see why they'd add My December in January after not playing it in December.

If the song is called My December, then and performance should be only in December ?

- In 2006, the song was performed only in the summer. (for example)

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