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Crucial Moment....


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Time to vote. A lot.




We're losing to Paramore. Make it happen guys - pull LP back up on top. Work your magic!


Unfortunately, Paramore won because of "bot cheating", but what's new. Oh well, nice job guys. Maybe next time. In other news, LP won an award at the AMA's tonight, so that's good.


More news later.

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I predict Linkin Park to completly sweep the floor on this round by even more of a mile. They're both great, but Linkin Park overshadows Staind in this kind of contest.


(Too late I already voted for SlipKnot :P)

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i think LP is gonna be in the finals with Slipknot (if we look at 1st round results)

yeahhh LP is kickin ass.

im worried for the next round

cuz it will be either FOB or Paramore

and so far Paramore is actually kickin FOB's ass :blink: :blink:

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Hey guys...


I was at mike´s (shinoda) blog and he posted about the progress of the next album.


The guy is a machine HAHA... he writed by himself 35 demo songs for the next album!!!


I´m really looking forward to this one :lol:

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parmaore just is sucessfull because have a girl in vocals, if were a boy everything will be different


i rather lp losing from slipknot than this stupid emo girls


and mike is a robot



a robot? no way

to be honest, i dont think that we have enough Linkin Park studio reports

some bands like Thrice post studio updates 3 or 2 times per week


and mike just give us some clues like every 15 days


or maybe im just a LP freak XD

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How can you compare Slipknot to Avenged. Avenged Sevenfold is ten times better. Listen to the songs. Afterlife has the craziest fucking solo. Every Note is Picked. Slipknot just has a bunch of effects. A7X for Life. LP gonna go against A7X and thats gonna be a hard choice.

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Guys and girls,

keep voting for LP and asking everyone to do the same!



We were 7000 votes ahead 6 hours ago... And now it's only less then 700 votes. 2.5 hours left. If we don't keep up the pace LP will lose.


New Update 6:08 ET: We are currently back and forth with Paramore. It keeps switching the leader with both bands around 395 K. Keep voting guys, LP worked extremely hard on this video and they deserve this award!


Hey guys. Its possible to vote more than once.

1. Go to the site.

2. Vote once.

3. Change the day on ur computer to one day earlier.

4. Refresh the page.

5. Vote again.

6. Keep voting a million times for LP by setting the date back!

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Paramore fans obviously don't want them to lose because the gap has closed!


LP = 213,875


Paramore = 213,091


LP fans vote! Only 1 day 8 hrs 53 mins remain in this round!

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