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  1. Good. Bring Julien-K to Europe so they don't come here hahaha
  2. ...hopefully they sent us the worst two songs on the album.
  3. Looks like some kind of backwards apocalypse.
  4. Ahh thanks man. I saw all these commercial for it while I was watching Jersey Shore so I got confused lol.
  5. Are you guys sure? Cause I'm watching MTV and I don't see a vid anywhere.
  6. A tissue used by Mike? hahaha
  7. When are the U.S. dates gonna come out?
  8. Damn LP needs to play longer, not shorter. Bruce Springsteen is over 60 and he still plays for 3 hours lol.
  9. I totally get your point, and I agree mostly. Don't get me wrong I think its a great song. It just seems like there might be something missing that would make it an amazing song. I really like the synths and the overall beat and I love the intro (it reminds me of "Where the Streets Have No Name" which is one of my favorite songs of all time). I just think it has two small flaws that keep it from being amazing: 1. The lack of verses almost make it sound like some kind of remix with similar vocals repeated (not that that's a bad thing, its just I'm not really into remixes). 2. This is more of me wanting something than a flaw in the song, but I would've like a huge heavy guitar riff that "knocks you out" rather than the repetitive synths. The perfect time for this riff would have been right after "Far from the world of you and I, where oceans bleed into the sky". The song builds up perfectly to this point and a huge riff would have blown me away. But, other than these two things, I like the song.
  10. My question is, will the album actually have verses? The lack of verses is what holds The Catalyst back from being great in my mind.
  11. I have a question: How in the world do you know a track is instrumental just by looking at the title? This theory makes no sense. The only tracks that we know are/aren't instrumental are the ones in the sampler.
  12. Who really cares? Music is music no matter what "rating" the RIAA gives it.
  13. I think LP is taking a page out of La Roux's book lol.
  14. Ahh, thanks man. Some type of notifications when people reply to your posts (like Facebook) would be cool too.
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