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  1. Hope Chester had a great Bday! Seems there's not a set practice in how LP birthdays are recognized because some make the main newswire (Mike and Dave) while others don't (Chester and Brad).
  2. That remix has a wicked beat, I can't sit still and listen to that one!
  3. It is a great song and yes it's been performed live. There's a video of it on youtube.
  4. I really hope someone will video tape the full show and share it with us. I also believe Ryan is speaking of Chester when he says a guest will be performing with them.
  5. I totally agree with arbiter, Xero21 and other like minded posters, I don't want LP to return solely to the HT sound. I love MTM and want the new album to be a mix of both styles as that seems to be where the band's passion is now. I absolutely love Chester's singing voice which is one of the reasons I'm so eager for DBS and why I love Grey Daze as well as his other collabs. The screaming rocks don't get me wrong but it's his melodic singing that touches me to the core long term.
  6. RMD369

    DBS and LP updates

    Each new Chester article just serves to send my already high DBS excitement level even higher! I love Chester's Grey Daze albums and I can't wait to see how close the full DBS album sounds to that. 2010 for the LP album is fine with me. They need time to make it to their liking and besides I don't want DBS to be delayed because they are trying to rush a LP album.
  7. Thanks for typing that up. It said Chester was helping Draven but then it says all of his family was downstairs when his discs slipped? I guess Draven had left the room or something. Glad he didn't need to have surgery and hopefully he won't have a repeat! Really interesting to hear where the title came from and also what space Chester was in when he wrote the songs. Really makes me even more anxious to have that puppy in my hands already! I have a feeling I better buy 2 cds because there's a very high likelihood I'll wear the poor thing out playing it so much.
  8. Fantastic! I can't wait to read the article when the scan is available. I also love the acoustic Let Down, I'll just have to hope it will still be on the album as a bonus track or something.
  9. Great! Are these his full performance of the song? I've only seen bits of these on youtube so it will be nice to have the whole performances.
  10. It would have been great to have Reading My Eyes on DVD! While it would have been nice to have Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You, at least we do have that on the Collision Course DVD. Edit: I'm very happy they scratched the idea of having a collab close the show. IMO, a collab has no business opening or closing a LP headlining show.
  11. Wow, thanks so much for the link! I love that it's a video interview at that.
  12. My main JK questions are: How/when did they meet up with Chester? How did the concept for the Kick The Bass video come about? I know a couple members of JK were in the Ve'cel promo video, are you guys regularly involved in that project? Are there any plans for JK to do another Projekt Revolution tour?
  13. I know, that's why it's an exception and not the rule.
  14. I totally agree with Mike. If you love a band's music then prove it by buying their albums, seeing their shows, etc. Afterall this is their livelihood and it's no different than if our place of employment refused to pay us after we did the work. If I don't have the cash and I just can't wait, I will download the album and then buy it ASAP. The only exception being if I literally can't find the album in my area and it's not available to buy online.
  15. Would love another download weekend and I'm fine for whenever it takes place. Video wishlist: 09.06.2007 - Castle Donington, England, Donington Park, Download Festival - source 4 Please and thanks P.S. Is this show still only for trade? -> 22.04.2006 - Tempe, AZ, Acme Roadhouse - Club Tattoo 11th Anniversary - source 1
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