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  1. I'm a little disappointed that the $89 bundle costs $45.30 USD to ship. (That's like $57 CAD). I know in the past people have complained about LPU high shipping costs and they had fixed that. (Seem to recall shipping being included in package cost for some years in the past) but it looks like these shipping costs have crept back up again. The $40 package is $20.45 USD to ship, (about $26 CAD) So I may be going with this one this time. I just don't see the value in spending an additional $93 CAD for a poster, water bottle, and cinch bag.
  2. That means, including the live songs, we have already heard 21:36 of the album which is just over 61% of it. If you only count studio version releases, we have heard 13:30, or just over 38% of the album. It is pretty sad that 13 and a half minutes of music is almost 40% of the album.
  3. Knowing a thing or two about DNS records for domain names, what may have happened is the new website creator/web host has probably moved the websites DNS records to their server, and they removed (or forgot to re-add) the DNS entry for 'downloads.linkinpark.com' which would have pointed to the IP address of the download site. Right now it points to wonderfulunion.com simply because a DNS entry for downloads.linkinpark.com doesn't exist. You can type sdfsldkjweioj.linkinpark.com for example, and it will redirect to wonderfulunion.com. Lets hope it will go back up, or maybe they did purposely remove it.
  4. Also, 1 cent shipping costs to Canada! This year is very affordable!
  5. Ahh, so the digital download is not included with the full package? Lame. Pretty bad that I have to torrent music I have purchased!
  6. I have purchased LPU14, but cannot find out where to listen to the album online??
  7. Does anyone have a picture of the LPU package, or what the T-shirt will look like? Edit: Nevermind. The LPU site is showing the LPU13 bundles but once you click on them to purchase it shows the new pictures for LPU14 bundles.
  8. https://mediacru.sh/kyWM-bZSTVdP/direct Lol, at least they got a good kick out of it.
  9. I have an update! Since I couldn't get a hold of anyone at Rhino Records, or Warner Canada, I called Warner Music Group USA directly, and explained to them my situation in a voice-mail. I received a call back shortly from Jeff at Linkin Park. He seemed pretty surprised about what was going on and asked me to forward him all emails I received from Rhino Records containing the Google Drive links. Today, I received an email from Stephen Bleeker, the CEO of MyMusic.ca which works in partnership with Warner Music. He apologized and assured me I would receive my digital and physical copies. I also got an email from 'Dr. Rhino', which is Rhino/Warner Music Group customer service. They also apologized and explained they will be replacing my order directly from the US warehouse, and will also be throwing in something extra as compensation! They also confirmed I will receive the Hybrid Theory live download in August. Minutes later I received yet another email from Linkin Park customer service with the correct download link, so I now have my digital download! They also apologized and confirmed she is sending out my CD and adding something extra for my troubles! So it took a little while, but I now feel the issue is finally being resolved! I still can't believe I legally purchased music through Warner, and they sent me illegal downloads of the album! Who would have thought the label would be pirating music lol!
  10. Mike actually mentioned this on twitter: "The "I'm not allowed to say certain things" was a clip we put here because we originally had another clip..." "But we weren't allowed to use it because of legal reasons!"
  11. When I went to linkinpark.com, and when I still do right now, I get 'The Hunting Party' splash page with all the purchasing options. When I click the 'Buy Now' buttons they redirect to this link. This is probably because they are detecting I have a Canadian IP address. I didn't get a thing from LinkinPark.com, only a receipt from Rhino Records. Seems to me they never passed on my information to Warner/LP after I purchased through them, which left me out of the loop. Now they're quickly trying to make it up to me by giving me that Google Drive link. And to add to that, the link is public, meaning I could easily share it with anyone on the internet! I also haven't received my physical copy of the album either. What the hell is going on?! I want to hear what other Canadians have to say. I'm super jealous about the embedded artwork stuff! I don't even have a physical copy to look at either! Bahhhhh!!
  12. Update: I just received an email from support@RhinoRecords.ca that says the following: "Please find your digital album at the link below! If you have any further questions please let us know! [Google Drive Link] Thanks, Ali RhinoRecords.ca" I find this very odd they uploaded the album to their Google Drive, and linked it to me... also every track is 128kbps and there is no album art or anything. There is also 2 copies of All For Nothing, so 13 MP3's in total. Is it just me or does this sound extremely fishy? Update 2: I just finally got through and spoke to Ali who was the same support person that sent me the email I quoted above. Apparently she was given this Google Drive link from the big guys at Warner. So that means Warner's official digital download to give to Canadians that purchase/preordered the album is 128kbps MP3's on Google Drive with 2 copies of the second track, no digital album artwork, and sent a day late. Still something doesn't seem right, all my past preorders have been at least 256kbps with album artwork, no duplicate tracks, and from an official source (not Google Drive), and on time. Are there any other Canadians that preordered through LinkinPark.com/RhinoRecords.ca? What was your experience like?
  13. Still can't get ahold of anyone. I haven't received any digital downloads what so ever, and also haven't received my physical copy, but boy have they charged my credit card!
  14. Great setlist, New Divide was not the best performance. Soul, you're fast on those edits!
  15. I purchased The Hunting Party Deluxe CD Package preorder on May 24th via linkinpark.com. I received my email confirmation, but did not receive any emails or information on how to get my instant downloads at the time. I contacted support@rhinorecords.ca about this and they never replied. I didn't really care about these downloads because I had already downloaded them myself from other sources. However the CD has now been released and I still haven't received an instant download of the album, which I kinda would like. Has anyone else not received their instant downloads? I've now tried emailing them twice and calling their support phone number (It rings and rings and rings, then says mailbox full and hangs up).
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