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Waiting For The End *SNIPPET*


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lol i see no reason in arguing They chose to go a different direction im sure they knew they'd lose and gain fans, but they trying out their tastes. personally as people get older tastes and style change- it happens. I like it, some people dont, but i think adapting is a way to go, its not like their going all backstreet boys on us. Or doing the same thing over and over again.. Im giving an example -Korn didint change their music much, some fans got sick of them others just kept on till the "end". sometimes change is good other times its a bad thing, I seen and heard linkin park throughout the years from 98 to now, they've made changes in music and i like it.. but thats their choice no matter how many fans complain about bringing back their HT style. Im not looking at them differently for changing their tastes.. But thats me as a fan, i dunno bout you but im with LP till the end...

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