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New LPTV: Blackout Freestyle


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Awesomenesss! I actually liked this a lot , but i wonder how it sounds with all the layering.


Edit: The background music during the verse does sound kind of pop'ish.Just like Ana said. ;)

But it's still awesome!

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God we needed that. I'm not even the biggest fan of their heavy songs and I'm not like a lot of LP fans who are like "LOL I ONLY LOVE THE HEAVY SONGS AND SCREAMING". But damn, we needed that bad. The last several songs that they've released since New Divide have pretty much had zero screaming (except for the ATL bridge) and no heavyness. This video just came at the right time. It's been a while since we heard this. And although I hope Ana is wrong, at least these screams are damn good if they are the only ones on the album.

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Those vocals are insane... actually is not Chazy trying to really rap.. is just some different kind of faster desperate and emotional singing


Mike Shinoda, Chester ownz you even at rapping lol


Chester ''trying'' to rap = WIN


Mike trying to ''sing'' = ..................................................................

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