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3 New Press Photos


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Haha a lot of people are thinking that. His name's Dave Grohl, btw.

That would be quite ironic as David Grohl specifically called out Mike in his "list of bands he doesnt like who use sampling," lmao. For some reason I thought Chaz looked like Orlando Bloom in pirates.

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Hey, does anyone think that the place might be the same place that crawl back in was filmed?

It kind of looks like that.


And the first pic is epic.

In the next two Mike looks like Dave Grohl.

I also look the fb pic posted in the comments

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Yeah i saw a recent pic of Orlando Bloom and did a double take as it looked like Chester lol.


Thanks for the pics, they look good. I like the colours and backgrounds they have been using for the group promo pics.

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I thought Jornada Del Muerto was an event, not a place.

"The Jornada del Muerto (Spanish for "single day's journey of the dead man"[1][2] hence "route of the dead man"[3]) in the U.S. state of New Mexico was the name given by the Spanish conquistadors to a desert basin and the particularly dry 100-mile (160 km) stretch of the route through it leading northward from central New Spain (modern-day Mexico) to the farthest reaches of the colony in northern Nuevo México. This route became El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. The Jornada del Muerto runs between the Oscura and San Andres Mountains on the east, with the Caballo Mountains and the Fra Cristóbal Range on the west. The name Jornada del Muerto Volcano refers to a shield volcano and lava field, about 10 by 15 miles (16 by 24 km) in size and reaching an elevation of 5,136 ft (1,565 m), located at the northern end of the desert basin."

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