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Mike's VMA Tracks


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In 2005, Mike did a "score" for the MTV Music Video Awards. He released 5 songs on MTV.com: 100 Degrees, Hype, Saturday, Montreal and Madison. Also in the awards, a clip of another VMA score by Mike was played that was unreleased (Teletronic). In the LPU 9 promo video, another clip was played (Catharsis). Now, we finally have the full versions of all 10 scores Mike did for the VMA's in 2005. Awesome. Well, track 3 wasn't posted yet but hopefully that'll be fixed soon.


Here's the link to all of the tracks, they're under his mixtapes: http://soundcloud.com/mike-shinoda


01. Hive ("100 Degrees"?!) **

02. Teletronic

03. <not yet posted>

04. Catharsis (used in the LPU9 video trailer)

05. Saturday

06. Montreal

07. Selector

08. A.15

09. Hype

10. Madison


Download (Rapidshare, Thanks Nameless)

Download (Megaupload, Thanks Nameless)

Download (Direct link, Thanks Legend)


**Astat quote: Probably "Hive" is the missing track and 100 Degrees is just mislabeled. The first track was labeled as "100 Degrees" on the VMA The Leak site when the short versions of the original 5 were posted (which was months before We Major came out with the full version of 100 Degrees with vocals), so I don't see why it would have an alternate title.


For more info and artwork visit http://www.sobcentral.com/



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Pretty sure that's just how Mike uploaded it.


Hey is something up with my download or was the previous "100 Degrees" we had labeled as "

Hive"? Is this correct? (I'm assuming it is, but considering there are only 9 tracks instead of 10, I'm wondering)

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Catharsis is the song in the LPU9 video I'm pretty sure...kinda interesting. I'm so happy that we now have these. I'm gonna burn these to a CD and bump this shit in my car because they sound so sick. I wonder if any of them are from the Meteora or even MTM very early writing sessions? I can imagine Chester singing over some of these so well, same goes for Mike rapping.

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