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  1. My favorite song on Out of Ashes is "Let Down". I first heard the live 2005 version and it caught me. The lyrics are deep, and I can relate to this more than any LP, DBS song.
  2. Thank you for the recordings dude...
  3. The dvd is too short, it isn't a making of, its a 30 min drama. LPTV are also really short, and they don't show much.
  4. This makes MTM sound like hybrid theory part 3 ) Really different...
  5. http://blackchester.de/?p=972 HQ recording!
  6. Great sound and video. When can we expect something like this for the new songs?
  7. So isn't there any audible recording? The ones on twitvid are really bad
  8. Listening to the whole album, all the tracks start to finish, would that not bee just like listening to "the full experience"? So whats the point in having a single long track?
  9. Nothing on youtube, been checking for the past 2 days. Exited to hear the new songs
  10. Never trust a download link that is surrounded by a million ads, or needs you to complete a survey to unlock it. 99.99% of the time their fake.
  11. There spoiling the experience with this move... It's gonna be hard to resist not to listen to the song until the album comes out.
  12. Maybe they will play Everyone knows, that'd be awesome!
  13. Can't wait for some new songs
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