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Out Of Ashes Scans!


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Italy seems to have an early release date for Out Of Ashes CD! I just bought mine, is awesome!

I took some scans for you guys, watch them first on LPLive!


*Do not look at them if you don't want to be spoiled!*




Booklet - Artwork

Booklet - Chester

Booklet - Ryan

Booklet - Amir

Booklet - Ryan, Amir, Chester

Booklet - Credits

Booklet - The Dead By Sunrise Band

Booklet - Chester 2







What you guys think ?


Be sure to buy it on the 9th in Europe and on the 13th all over the world!

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ok my comments on this. No lyrics obviously a buzzkill. Every LP album and the JK album had lyrics. Why doesnt this one have it? Chester was too cheap to get the lyrics on there? Or did Nameless forget to scan em? If he did i take my comments back but if they arent im disappointed really. Other than that the Cd looks bad ass. I wish they included more pics of the band but oh well and still no special edition with DVD? I guess im just going to give up hope on that

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No lyrics. Awesome. :rolleyes:

Yep, this sucks..


I hope they will deliver them in their brand new site in "julien-k site" style


(hoping they will deliver them)


(hoping they will open the website)





is it only italy that the cd is released faster?


Well, i phoned frist WMG:Italy and they told me that the Italian release was planned on the 9th

So today i phoned my CD seller, hoping for a "personal release" but he told me that it was already out.

Strange things!


Btw, it's worth a try! call your CD seller :)

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