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New 'Let Down' Video?


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Check out Talinda's Twitter.... http://twitter.com/TalindaB


"I'm recording the "Let Down" video right now with my man". Talinda confirmed that she will be in the video too. It seems like they are recording a new video for "Let Down". I guess the old one didn't work out?


Talinda on the set - http://twitpic.com/jqug4

Chester on the set - http://twitpic.com/jquka

Chester & Talinda - http://twitpic.com/jqwgc



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I will be getting engulfed by the black void, the same sheet we used for the artwork we’re using in the video. I’m wrapped up in it and it’s trying to kill me, but you can’t tell its trying to kill me. Inside the black void is an image of a woman who must be causing me this grief that’s going on in the song and the fabric turns from the shape of her body into the shape of my face.


I wonder why Talinda is in the video since the song is about painful relationship and divorce with Samantha?

Maybe they are filming some kind of happy ending?

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Maybe they took my sentiments about the original video to heart and changed the roles around. Now Chester's only part will be in the band performance and they'll have Talinda naked behind a black sheet. Instant number one on all countdowns.

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Agreed. I wonder if Ryan maybe did Chester's hair *laughs*

Probably...didn't he say he used to be a hairdresser? I wouldn't be surprised. :lol:


I like Chester's hair better when it's like shaved but not too short, not too long. Like the hair he has in my avatar. I don't really care either way though.

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