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First DBS USA Date


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So there's this cool guy I know named Sanjay. He texted me the setlist from the Bristow show from Projekt Revolution last year and actually ran into me at a show later on the tour. After encore one at the Tampa show, I turned to the right and saw him and his sister standing next to me and informed him that 'Bleed It Out' was next, but he said he knew since he visited LPLive. I was like "Hey, that's my site!" and we found out we actually knew each other from a few days before. Small world, right? Anyway, I thought I'd share that little story before I introduce the news that he just sent me....


He went to the Virginfest in Maryland yesterday and saw a poster for an upcoming show called "mtvU Ulalume Festival". Dead By Sunrise will be playing it! Remember, Chester said that DBS is playing Europe FIRST, and then the United States, so perhaps European dates are coming *very* soon?


Who: Dead By Sunrise. Headliners are Paramore and A.F.I., with Kid Cudi and Dead By Sunrise joining them.

Where: Columbia, Maryland @ Merriweather Post Pavilion

When: Friday, October 23rd, 2009

What: mtVU Ulalume Festival


Tickets are on sale starting September 4th (and it's cheap)! Buy them here. Anyone up for a road trip?


Source here. Thanks to Sanjay for the news!

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LOL!! at the page they wrote Death by Sunrise^^!!!!! nice to know, thx alot. so more dates to come, yeah!!! so come to germany and i will be there for sure!! so it was a nice year! 3 times LP, 1 time DBS so far and Chris Cornell. wow what a amazing year and now a DBS tour in autumn!!!

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I live in the NOVA area so this is pretty close to me too. I'll probably go. Sweet.


And opening for Paramore? So much for the band not "paying their dues"/working their way up like people were saying during the European tour.

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LPL Roadtrip!!! I'll be attending this monster since it's on a Friday. Let's rock it in the pit.


I say they won't do any LP songs but they'll do covers. Wicked Game or something. Anything, Anything perhaps. Chester fucking loves covering songs so I'm sure they'll do a song Bucket Of Weenies did or perhaps Jane Says or something. We'll see.

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Yeah, I wonder what songs they'll play, too. Maybe some Grey Daze...?


i would imagine maybe 1 cover, but mostly DBS since thats what he really wants to promote





for anyone attending the show


AFI and Paramore will co-headline mtvU's inaugural Ulalume Festival on Oct. 23 at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. Other bands on the bill include Kid Cudi and Death By Sunrise (the side-project of Linkin Park's Chester Benninton). The show--with a moniker lifted from an Edgar Allen Poe poem--is a Halloween-themed festival, complete with a costume contest and assorted surprises. Performances from the show will air during a Halloween-themed week on the MTV networks.


since theres a costume contest, im going to design an LPL t-shirt to go. you can send me the money or paypal it. not sure of the cost, but i need a text idea


here's what i have so far





"LP Live at ulalume festival"


"DBS 2009"


"LP LIVE 2009"


any ideas are welcome, the shirts only take 2 weeks to ship. and ill bring them all with me to the show

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