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Two Thousand Members!


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I am posting this as a congratulations not only to our staff and our contributors but to the community as well for your support of the site.


I am very proud to say that LPLive has now reached two thousand members on the forums. We are always gaining more members as something big comes up in the LP world and we thank you for it. I am glad to see more people gaining interest in the site.


We've had almost 400 members on at once...usually this happens for big events like the first show of a new tour, the release of an LPU CD, the debut of a new single, etc. Two thousand members is pretty big in my opinion, at least for a fansite like this. I planned LPLive in the beginning to be just a very simple site for people to reference to if they needed something - I never expected to have a lot of supporters and members. It's even more astonishing to me that we get more guests than visitors at any given moment.


So thanks LPLive for two thousand members, for over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND downloads of She Couldn't on our site alone and all of the support you've provided over the years. I can happily say we will keep bringing you the exclusives (no, I haven't forgotten about the last one in the 'series' yet!) throughout the years as well as the live show information!

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Small statistics.


Out of these 2000:

778 members, who were active during last month;

953 during 2 last months;

1090 during 3 last months;


332 members posted during last month;

433 during 2 last months;


1300 members posted at least once.

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Congrats guys, feel proud this is something big you guys have done.

And the time passes i im not liking Linkin Park the way i used to, but i keep coming here because i feel like this is a very unique thing you guys have.


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This is one of my favourite Sides. It's a must to look up for new information on this side, every day:)

So congratulation for 2000 members and i'm looking forward to the next years with lplive!

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dunno why i took so long to post in this thread

First & Foremost - Thanks to Mark for putting this site up and putting in the hard work to make the site for what it is today. I love this site man.

And thanks to the rest of the other staff members who also put in the work.

I have full confidence LPL will continue to grow and thrive for a longgggg time.

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