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Hi everybody, XD today i was talking with mark via msn and we should do something meanwhile we wait for the china SBD (that's in november), so october will be the download month.




- Each Week we will upload 2 DVD shows plus 5 FLAC shows.

- If you have a rare show or a good quality show to share (like Live Earth DVD) you can send it to me or mark, or can upload it, and will be added to the download list.

- The downloads will be for download 'till supplies last {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif (until the download link expire).

- The shows most likely will be uploaded in Flyupload and Rapidshare (with some tricks for use rapidshare easily {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif )

- For each week you will vote what shows will be uploaded, YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE 1 DVD AND 2 FLACS, the most voted shows will be uploaded.

- any help or contribution will be gladly accepted =D.


1st Week Options:




1. Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ‘01

2. Kings College ‘01

3. Sunrise, Florida ‘04

4. Webster Hall ‘07

5. Astoria ‘07

6. Wantagh ‘07

7. Madison square garden ‘08

8. Heineken Festival ‘08

9. Wantagh ’08 (Screen)

10. Wantagh ’08 (Stage)


Audio (Flac)


1. Festimad Sur Festival ‘08

2. Charlotte 30-07-08

3. Pinkpop Festival ‘07

4. Bamboozle Festival ‘07

5. Copenhagen 24-05-07

6. Paris 30-05-07

7. Berlin 28-04-07

8. Brisbane 22-10-07

9. Saitama-Shi 23-11-07

10. Saitama-Shi 24-11-07

11. Nagoya 26-11-07

12. Osaka 27-11-07

13. Mountain View 05-09-04

14. Yokohama 21-10-03

15. Osaka 22-10-03

16. Nippon Budokan 24-10-03

17. Nippon Budokan 25-10-03

18. Nippon Budokan 27-10-03

19. Madrid, Spain 01-03-01

20. Belgium 20-03-01 (Source 2)


REMEMBER YOU CAN CHOOSE ONLY 1DVD AND 2 FLACS, YOU HAVE ONLY TILL SEPT 27 TO VOTE (we need time to upload the shows {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif )

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You can download seperate mp3's of Bamboozle at linkinparkmedia.com. I can give u Manchester (UK November 2003) in mp3 rite now. I'm actually working on remastering the quality of it cuz its such a great show.


is bamboozle at linkinparkmedia the flac version?? i just want it because i was there and i am trying to have every show i attended

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