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Linkin Park Reveal New Album Cover


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The news has started building up, but here it is! The new cover for Linkin Park's next record!




There it is. In all it's glory. Sweet, sweet color. The black and white days are finally over!


There's no word on whether or not the album's title will be revealed today as well, but expect it to be soon. Other developments today include the release of the lyrics for the band's lead single from the record 'Heavy,'

and a brand new clip.


Be sure you follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest updates! It's about to get busy.


*This is the original contents of the thread, when the LP Ambassadors started posting pieces of the cover on social media.


It looks like a Twitter hunt has begun to piece together the new album cover! There are numbered clues...check these (1, 2) tweets to get started.


Let the search begin!


BLANK GRID from Linkin Park. Hashtags to search are #LinkinPark and #LP2017! Good luck!

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Linkinparkbr said we should stay tuned to their twitter today, so that's what it means! FREAKING OUT MODE HAS BEGUN


By the way, isn't it more likely to be the single cover? Or was it confirmed to be the album's?

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Pretty cool way to get an album or single cover out instead of just posting it outright. I like it.


I agree and a lot of fans love this, so good on them for doing it this way. The art does look cool so far, I like it a lot more than THP art.

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