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Wantagh DVDs


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As you all might know, a few DVDs exist of the Wantagh, New York show recently from Projekt Revolution 2008.


Regardless, an anonymous user has decided to share the recent 2008 DVDs with us, hoping that it'd fill the gap in between Projekt Revolution and China nicely. These are pretty good, so we hope you enjoy it. Straight from LPLive to your desktop, we present the Wantagh 2008 DVDs. DVD 1 is an excellent, regular DVD of the show that follows the band around, but DVD 2 is a screen-shot show, which essentially gives you a lower quality "proshot" rip of the show. Awesome!


We're letting you know that you will be able to download these DVDs very soon on LPLive. Due to the fact that excess peers will dramatically decrease the download speed, we would like to first get a few staff members able to seed the show, and once we have accomplished that in a few days, we will post the link for everyone so that it will go much faster. It is pointless to try and download a show that is going 5kbps, so please be patient and we'll have it so that everyone is able to download it pretty quickly. If you are already downloading the show and it's going super slow (in the 5-10kbps range), then we suggest you hop off the torrent for a few days so that we can get a few others seeding first. This will benefit everyone in the end. Thanks for your understanding.


Show info:


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Is there cam or SBD audio??

SBD audio.

I hope they didn't put any album songs as intro and outro to the show, as they like to do....

They did and they always will.

Great!!! wich dvd is better??? 1 or 2??? :?

I'd say DVD 2 (stage shot). The screen shot is nice but the picture gets darker sometimes which spoils it quite a bit. Except that very nice work as always.


I'll update the source infos later + samples.

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