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  1. I've captured the chat entirely and uploaded to my website. Here you go... http://www.linkin-park.es/lpu/videochat-lpu-con-rob/
  2. What about Spain?? We don't have a show here since Puerta de Alcalá's back in 2010 on MTV EMA.
  3. We did!! http://www.linkin-park.es/linkinparkes/videochat-lpu-mike-shinoda/
  4. yes, it is. After 5 hours of encoding I didn't want to change the parameters and start it again
  5. Full HD version: http://linkin-park.es/descarga-berlin-4k/#more-1050
  6. The reason maybe is the gpu or ram. I have a nVidia GTX770 and 6Gb of ram. Anyway I'm encoding a 1080p version of the video.... 3 hours left....
  7. I can get play smooth with an i7 920 and K-Lite Codec Pack Mega playing with MPC-HC x64
  8. Only one language at Spanish version. When the band members speak the audio is Spanish too. Not subtitles at all.
  9. I uploaded it a few weeks ago at linkin-park.es
  10. Then you have it here the download links (MEGA and torrent) http://linkin-park.es/2014/08/descarga-camden-2014/
  11. If you only want to watch it, you can do it on the Yahoo! website
  12. On Linkin Park Spain, we have already a download from the show. It's on HD720p. Link: http://linkin-park.es/2014/08/descarga-camden-2014/#more-709
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