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Fort Minor: 2015.09.08 - London, England - Scala


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This is it, Europe. The final tour of Linkin Park's The Hunting Party Tour ended in Rome on September 6 (I got it right, SwagChode!), and now Fort Minor's final European show of Mike's short tour is here, as well. The fourth and final Fort Minor performance in Europe this year is happening at the Scala, in London, England on September 8, 2015.


Despite being the first show in England since the big comeback, this will be Fort Minor's fourth appearance in England. The first show was Fort Minor's fourth ever performance, when they opened for The Roots at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London in 2005. All of the tracks they played back then were still fresh, including 'Remember The Name' and 'Petrified'. Fort Minor then wrapped up their European leg at the Reading festival, where they performed the same setlist - no laughing matter, still packed with some rarities: 'Mr. Brown' by Styles Of Beyond, 'Dolla' from the We Major Mixtape, and even the Fort Minor Medley, which consisted of 'You Lose' and 'Megadef' by Styles Of Beyond and 'Respect 4 Grandma'. Fort Minor was actually supposed to perform twice at Reading, but had to cancel the second appearance so that they could perform that day in West Palm Beach in Florida for the Rolling Stone VMA Pre-show Party! They returned once more a few months later, following the release of The Rising Tied. This time, the show happened at the Mean Fiddler in London - a headlining show this time! More songs, as well as an encore break, were added to the set, including 'Red To Black', 'Believe Me', and 'In Stereo'. The shortened version of 'Numb/Encore' also debuted at this show! It's been almost a decade since the last performance in London, and it'll surely be just as monumental!


Check out this old school performance of 'Remember The Name', where it was the opening song at the Mean Fiddler show in London. (props to whoever can tell me where a screenshot from this video can be found on the forums ;))

Let's come back to the present - post-'Welcome'. It's only the fifth show Mike's played since he released the song, but he's already changing things up! The show contains many, many treats for not only Fort Minor fans, but Linkin Park fans, too! Mashups of 'Waiting For The End' and 'Hands Held High', remix-ception 'Castle Of Glass' and 'Kenji', and 'Believe Me' with 'When They Come For Me' are all in there, as well as new remixes of songs like 'Cigarettes' and 'Believe Me'. Recently, Mike polled fans on what song they'd like to see added to the setlist. The fans voted, and now a new mashup of 'Suicide Music' and 'High Voltage' has made it into the setlist. It's likely that we'll see the same set in London that we saw in Berlin a few days ago, but Mike's always got something up his sleeve!


Here's the new remix/mashup of 'High Voltage' - it's pretty fuckin' awesome! What do you think of it?


Mike's spending some time in London before the show, and it seems there's something in the works. In a new interview with NME, it appears that Mike is doing some writing sessions in London, for a "secret project". It seems like a new collaboration is in the works with an unnamed artist. Maybe new music will be coming sooner than we think! Mike's already begun working on music for the follow up to The Hunting Party - we got an inside look of a writing session that spawned 'Welcome' back in March in a new LPTV. Mike said that they're aiming for a new album in 2016, and the gears have already begun rolling!


Who's going to the show? A couple of LPL members are going - LINKINMARK, Kirstie, and our staff member Wilderness, to name a few. Maybe some of you could get together and jam! This show concludes touring in Europe for the year, but Linkin Park has one last show to play this year: at the beginning of November, they'll be playing the Monster Mash in Tempe, Arizona. There's rumors that they'll be doing a club show/tour in honor of the 15th anniversary of Hybrid Theory, so we'll see if anything comes out of that. Chester will be doing some work with Stone Temple Pilots this month, with a good amount of tour dates across the U.S. The group is expected to release their first album with Chester some time this Fall, too!


For updates on all things Linkin Park, be sure to keep track of us on social media! We post all the latest news on our Facebook, and some great pictures of the band on our Instagram. For updates on the show, check back here or follow us on Twitter!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2015 touring schedule here, Fort Minor's touring schedule here, and Stone Temple Pilot's touring schedule here.

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Mike talked about the request situation in Rome and then took requests for verses over the "funky break" drum beat. He altered the tempo and took requests which were They're They Go (which he'd practiced earlier that day) and APFMH. Was hoping someone louder than myself would shout And One

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Check out this old school performance of 'Remember The Name', where it was the opening song at the Mean Fiddler show in London. (props to whoever can tell me where a screenshot from this video can be found on the forums ;))

Hey RogueSoul I actually know this, its Hahninator's profile pic. So do I get a prize for answering this correctly, maybe a cookie?

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Wow, someone actually read my post! Yes, you can eat our resident Cookie.

I totally would have pointed it out before, but I was pretty much disqualified from guessing :P



There They Go/A Place for My Head! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7NqBjJGRkA


crowd singing Chester's part is amazing

So, you're already 90% done with the recreation, right? :P

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