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Fort Minor Live Song Poll


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For the first time ever, Mike is polling fans on a new song (or two) to add to the Fort Minor setlist. We've requested this for years for 1 slot of the 23+ in the Linkin Park set dedicated to a rare song, but we'll gladly welcome a poll for Fort Minor too. Now is our chance to get something really unique/rare played live, and the choices that Mike gives are actually all fantastic choices.

The Fort Minor show right now runs about 55-60 minutes, with about 45-50 minutes of actual music and the rest dedicated to Mike talking, introducing songs, etc. That's pretty good for a solo artist. The next FM show is in Berlin on September 2nd, and the winner(s) will be in the setlist starting with that show.

You can vote HERE.

Mike says, "I already have a set list I like, but I want to add a song or two. Here are some songs not currently in the set list."

And the choices are:

Right Now

Red To Black

Second To None

High Voltage

Step Up

Wow! All five are fantastic choices, and we'd gladly welcome any of the five to the setlist. We'll run them down for you and let you pick your favorite.

01. Right Now. Featuring Black Thought from The Roots and Styles Of Beyond, this song on The Rising Tied was an instant fan-favorite but has NEVER been played live in any form. Mike has never rapped a verse of the song over anything...this one is the the rarest song in the bunch and if we COULD pick one, we'd pick this one just because of how rare it is. It'd be a true treat to see this performed live. Cigarettes and Kenji also received their live debuts this year with Fort Minor (one verse of Cigarettes was rapped acapella in 2006). With the guest verses, this song will likely be abbreviated in some form. That's actually not a bad thing. for fans..Mike might just do a verse and chorus and then pick another song from the poll to add too.

02. Red To Black. This song was played regularly by Fort Minor in 2005-2006. It's one of the "heavier" Fort Minor songs and fans love it. It would likely be shortened, too. Of all the songs, this is the "least rare" song in the poll but it's still a great track.

03. Second To None. The song was on the Transformers soundtrack and is Mike with Styles Of Beyond, which is effectively a Fort Minor song in a sense, but it was released on the SOB album Reseda Beach. Mike joined SOB on Projekt Revolution 2007 for the song for a significant amount of shows on the tour. At the Raleigh stop of the tour, Mike rapped his verse over the intro of Points Of Authority and it was actually cool as fuck...one of the best POA intros ever. Since Mike was taking so many requests for POA that tour (Step Up, Second To None, High Voltage, Respect 4 Grandma, etc), we were legit bummed it only happened once! Truly an awesome verse, this one would be badass to see too.

04. High Voltage. HV was mentioned a lot around the Download 2014 show when Hybrid Theory was performed in full - fans wanted it as a "special treat". We can't even mention the song without talking about the London Docklands 2001 version...perhaps one of the best Linkin Park song performance ever. It's no surprise High Voltage is leading the poll - a lot of people really love this song. Mike will likely play his remix/reprise version and we don't blame him as it is much better than the Hybrid Theory EP version. Anyway, the original on HTEP hasn't been played since 1999-early 2000 (if ever - we really don't know if they ever played it), and the remix hasn't been played since 2001. Always a good choice, we see High Voltage winning the poll.

05. Step Up. Also from the Hybrid Theory EP, it hasn't been played in full since 2002 on Projekt Revolution. Everyone SHOULD know it from the medley in 2004 of Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down, especially since it was played at Rock am Ring 2004. Mike rapped also Step Up over Points Of Authority randomly in 2007-2008.

And before you vote, this is the current Fort Minor live setlist:

01. Introduction

02. Petrified (Ext. Intro)

03. In Stereo

04. It's Goin' Down

05. Dolla

06. Waiting For The End/Hands Held High (Mashup)

07. Castle Of Glass (Remix)

08. Kenji (w/ Castle Remix Instrumental)

09. Devil's Drop

10. Cigarettes (Remix)

11. Until It Breaks (Shortened)

12. Where'd You Go (w/ Until It Breaks Instrumental)

13. High Road

14. Believe Me (Remix, w/ When They Come For Me Verse 1)

15. Welcome

16. Remember The Name (Shortened)

Mike has spoiled us on this tour by playing all sorts of new versions of songs in the FM set and debuting songs that haven't been played before. The setlist right now is very different than what FM played in 2005-2006. Any of these songs in the poll are a good choice! They're all rarer songs and as we said above, Mike picked good tracks for the poll. Right Now is the rarest, then High Voltage. Red To Black is the most common, but still hasn't been played in almost 10 years. May the best song win!

And we can't make the post without mentioning how great it'd be if Linkin Park did this for just one song in the setlist someday for rarer songs....

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What if he ends up playing H! Vltg3? hahahahahaha


Seems like a safe win for HV, the second track will be between RTB & Step Up

That screenshot was taken a few minutes after the poll was posted and is absolutely no good representation. Sample size is way too small if you think about how many follower he has.

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Voted for Right Now because it's one of a handful of The Rising Tied songs I genuinely like, and Red to Black wouldn't be anything special when we actually got the full version on the original FM tours. IMO the last thing the Fort Minor set needs is another Linkin Park song in it, and Second to None is completely forgettable.

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