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LPU XIV Exclusive - Track by Track with Brad (Part 1)


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Can anyone send me the video via PM?

Can I ask for a pm about it, if doesn`t bother you? Thanks :)

And me too lol

If you can, send it to me too. :)

check pm

rather than publicly asking for stuff and/or publicly notifying each other of PMs, why don't you use the PM system as it's meant to be used - "Private Messaging"?


do whatever you want on youtube or whatever since their rules are their rules, but it should be obvious from Soul's post that this is something we have to be careful with -


Not allowed:


5. Audio or video recorded from the LP Underground

Material distributed to fan club members as part of the membership package included in their club dues. LPU live songs are not allowed to be shared unless any of the songs become unavailable via the LPU website.

I'm not going to give everyone 9 points over a track-by-track review, but for deliberately ignoring a staff member, everyone I've quoted above has earned themselves warn points.

consider this a full and final reminder.

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No problem... Sorry to break the rules. I was actually asking for a summary of the video or something, I thought that doesn't have problem, since it wasn't the video... But still is material only for the LPU.

Anyway, sorry again :(


I'm sure a transcript is fine, I imagine a lot of fansites can and will host those

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