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LPLive Classics: NYC 2000.11.10 (Master Upgrade)


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We started a new series in September that we are excited about and want to continue doing for a while called "LPLive Classics". At the time, [AndOne] said, "This will be the first part of our new LPLive Classics series, in which we will be bringing you new master transfers and quality upgrades for some old classic shows that we had for many many years! We have a couple more of those classics coming up in the near future, so stay tuned!"

Next up, we have a master upgrade of the second New York City 2000 show!


This show comes as the fourth stop of P.O.D.'s 'Kings Of The Game' Tour in 2000 with Linkin Park, (hed)p.e., and Project 86. It is Linkin Park's second show in New York City, after the stop in September. Phoenix is back in the band at this point and is rocking it on stage.

The band was in a huge rush at this show and had to cut their setlist short by two songs, dropping Points Of Authority and Runaway because they had to leave immediately to catch a flight back to Los Angeles. The next day, they were playing a radio show in Westminster, CA for KROQ and as we recently found out, they had to cancel a show in Norfolk, VA (a stop on the P.O.D. tour) to make that radio show happen. If you check the 2000 page, you'll see a few of those new canceled show discoveries that we recently made and added to the site.

At only 27 minutes long, this has to be one of the shortest concerts they've ever played. Chester even introduces In The End by saying, "This song is called Untitled", before correcting himself, "but it's now called In The End."

Just like the other NYC show we offered for download, this is a direct transfer from the original Digital8 master tape, which means it's the best available quality for this recording. The previous circulated DVD version that we had for over 10 years was made from a VHS tape with an unknown generation (meaning how many times it was copied, each copy adds a generation and the quality gets worse) and was also highly compressed.


A big thank you to Deeseven for obtaining the master tape, transfering it and getting it out to the fans! It was a big surprise for everyone a while back when we found out that some of the old master tapes still exist, as they were thought to be lost forever.
Go grab the download of the show now! If you're on Twitter, tweet us @LPLive with the hashtag #LPLiveClassics and tell us your favorite moment of the show!
DVD Video (torrent) | DOWNLOAD
Size: 1.79 GB
Length: 27:05 mins
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