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  1. I feel such a dark pit inside of me and although I am in tears and mourning, I don't want to. I don't want to accept that Chester is gone. He is my brother, along with the rest of the guys in the band. I know everyone else here relates to this as well. I've had my fair share of frustrations at them over the years, but it was all out of love. I wanted to call them out on things that I didn't think were coming from the heart so that their music always came from an authentic place. Whether my comments made any sort of significant impact, I'll probably never know, but I do know that I absolutely adored One More Light. It is extremely unfortunate and heartbreaking that it had to be their final album together. There are just so many great memories with this band and a lot of history with the community. It is so sad that it had to come to this. I love you all.
  2. The whole album is just so mellow. Like, the songs themselves are fine, but I just don't like how it was mixed. For example, Talking to Myself sounds fucking awesome live, but the studio version is all 100% chill. The energy is lost somewhere in the mix. Really weird. The lyrics are touching. Everyone sounds great on the album, but I feel like whoever was responsible for mixing killed a lot of great natural vibes.
  3. The girl you are talking about is Millie Bobby Brown, who is not in this video. lol. However, I can see why you thought that, especially with the vibe of the intro. Love the video and new music so far.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen... Mike Shinoda has delivered. Mike Shinoda has fucking delivered. Holy shit @ that energy!
  5. You're right. It IS "bad-fucking-ass." That's why I don't understand what the fuck Mike is doing right now. B ) Oh yeah, it's just gonna be this one song. I don't plan on an album. I'm also doing maybe only one show. I don't know yet. We've all waited forever for this shit and then we get teased with a quickie... lol
  6. You too, man. Yeah, I couldn't remember exactly what it was. Playing samples is a lot different. I retract my statement about siding with Grohl.
  7. It does make sense. It is possible in recording studios at this very moment. Just wait until it starts happening in a live atmosphere. All it would take is for the drummer to initiate the process. Everyone else follows along. I could easily see it happening, if it isn't already. Didn't Dave Grohl ALREADY slam Linkin Park years ago for using a click track or something as it is during live shows? I didn't agree with him then, but now I might reconsider. Of course, I'm assuming that you know that during a live performance, the feedback is usually going through a mixer/soundboard. Routing through a computer device to match up to a certain time sync would allow that to happen before it reaches to the point of what the audience hears. That's what is happening with Chester's current pitch correction, essentially. His raw vocals are going through the microphone and into a pedal, which gets pitch corrected through there into what is most likely into a mixer where effects are added on top of it and into the PA system. Of course, I don't know Linkin Park's initial sound setup. That is where your ol' pal Astat would be more familiar because I do not follow them that closely as much as I used to. I'm just giving you a general idea of where it would not be impossible. http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=11364&do=findComment&comment=237225 No need for the insults, man! I'm trying to be civilized here! Anyways, it doesn't matter guys. I didn't realize everyone was going to be moody about an opinion. It's whatever. Chester is making lots of $$$ and I am not. The end. I don't care past my initial gripe.
  8. No, I don't think it's "over dramatic." If I feel that such technologies are killing the definition of "performing," then I should be allowed to consider it exactly what I named it as. What's next? Feeding your guitars and drums through a quantizing mechanism so that you are perfectly on time for your audience that is PAYING HARD EARNED MONEY to see a performance? There has to come a point when you're either willingly tossing your money at robots playing music, or wishing to capture traditional energy that is delivered from an organic atmosphere. I prefer the latter.
  9. This was great to watch. It has been a long time since I've seen any of the guys act really passionate towards what they were doing. Very moving. Thanks for sharing.
  10. In a recording? Yes. Live performance? Nope. Not sure what bands you listen to where it is considered "normal". lol. I'm glad someone can agree with me.
  11. I wasn't aware that I said singing was not necessary with pitch correction. I simply said rest should not be needed, since the effort of having to try as much as you should be is eliminated. It should be clear that I'm pretty pissed off at the fact that Chester is absorbing a fraction of those ticket prices to deliver a fake performance to his supporters. I can't believe that you're really going to sit here and defend the use of these atrocities, being the "musician" that you are.
  12. Mike, sure. Chester? He doesn't need rest with that pitch correction pedal he has..
  13. Eh, I just hate when they announce a tour of an entire location, but then in actuality, are only touring a certain portion of it. Major false advertisement.
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