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  1. amsterdam https://screenshooter.blob.core.windows.net/engine4files/rwitucvwhtrzkhmfgwztpolcvevnknkyfqpyejqntxkufnryppingasclgypgimtjtuusnbxflzreqxhnwxufwsfxmmxlbhlkqlmsxgcolhuabyviqcjksombpwfadle London N1 https://screenshooter.blob.core.windows.net/engine4files/mvqmymrrlpwdhixheddktzqlpquyyxnlacwxhupmfjzrkdjioclzivjmffxhsssoclcfmaakoqfjayamglkwlocftjscxhumqkpyaewocbkspzlgflahhwcnjxmchymg if u need better quality let me know, try scan it
  2. how LPU Summit looks like now? How long it takes? What can u do?
  3. Rob gave to me at Download Festival 2014. That was the best day of my life. Cant add pic so i leave adress: http://screenshooter.blob.core.windows.net/engine4files/kotpsswekxyrezqidupqxqgbysezecfilqxduzioitnorslipuwqpnxthsqaowairpgncmodlbhdcsjfhwkkfotytdwbiiamtfwcmxfcgsfnftqpjltrmpcdwhtyqnvd http://screenshooter.blob.core.windows.net/engine4files/wqmewufiwusqfyeaqwvhptpokbhorlxudwxmrowsissfjkzbhfqttutdaxtunqqlwymibrjbzczwbkfacghmueaidumtvbfrcgjlxqapvotrvxbqsssgjeqryefgfpgy http://screenshooter.blob.core.windows.net/engine4files/xpwsrvvcibbuwxprxbjmmgbhpcoifsziwwojdcgwqmifaxqhppginyernocogmwpcsyajfnvvnvaxwhsmhtplqvxswwozspdpsdhzqyjclnacetrgkbzthelxahmjzvc
  4. ye, but they cant make happy every single fan in the world. Can they ?
  5. i got reply from Live Nation about single tickets Day tickets are not currently on sale for Download Festival 2014. Historically they have gone on sale around March/April and prices will only be confirmed at this time.
  6. what if... first part of the show will be HT and second part of the show will be Living Things First and last record That would be amazing
  7. ye u right, single ticket will cost around 70-80 pounds (found on google image from last years) and probably they will sell it around march/april, but no idea how many tickets in stock. Weekend ticket cost 160. I sent email to Live Nation and ask them when single ticket will be available to make sure. Let u know when i got reply.
  8. it is, its 3 days festival from friday to sunday. Donington Park Derby, GB Fri 13/06/14 - Sun 15/06/14
  9. well, i'm so excited that i want buy ticket tonight and don't wanna miss this opportunity. Weekend ticket cost 160 pounds. I dont really care who is next day, i just wanna see this fucking amazing LP SHOW
  10. some1 know how to get single ticket for LP show ? cant find single
  11. how to get single ticket? There is so many options.
  12. its not only piece of paper for my. Its a item which always will reminds me of great show in Berlin and great memories: )
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