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  1. $200 bet that same setlist as the current one
  2. Awesome@@!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont really love the track.. but this is cool
  3. Eeh.. Hey mods i think there's a correction in the show notes? Breaking te habit was last played live on 14.1.2014 , at the MFR phillipines concert in LA??? Beside that, good setlist for the non hardcore fans personally id only be listening to 5 or 6 songs from it. Also was Alits perforned at normal speed or slower?? And did they do the fucking "shout hey" part during the instrumental part of alits??
  4. How about playing APFMH over and over again for 90 minutes? :D (or 75 minutes)
  5. imagine gATS->OSC->Faint->APFMH->ALITS XD that wud be.... Profit??? !
  6. DAMN! Mike looked so exhausted and RELIEVED when ALITS ended.. seemed like he was barely able to blurt out the words! Performance wasnt bad for a debut.. IT WAS PRETTY FUCKIN EPIC. I'm pretty sure it will sound badass once they have done it more often! hopin that more THP tracks will survive in the setlist <3 Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M1r8sHDB0A full show! 360p , size 291 mb (hence suited for us low bandwidth users) theres a YT channel that is uploadin all the LP performances individually one by one, expect all of them there, (except Papercut)
  7. Either you wont die at all, or you wont die happy xD coz this is NOT happenin. What ive done, possibly may be removed after a year or two.. but in the end or numb? absolutely f**kin never xD but congratz LPL, looks like Mike opened the site and finally brought back papercut in full and played ALITS :P
  8. i missed the LP set :/ is there any way i can watch that set now??? or do i have to wait for the uploads to mega n youtube? :/ i want Papercut and ALITS so bad :/
  9. More than 1 show ok? 2000- orlando, 2002 - las vegas 2003 - detroit, mtv 2$ bill 2004 - los angeles, meteora world tour (non-pro) 2004 - nurnberg, rock am ring 2004 (proshot) 2006 - summer sonic, the non proshot shows 2007 - best for me is siettle 2008 - Madison Square Garden, or R2R at milton 2010 - KROQ NYC 2010 was equally great 2012 - No doubt, mtv world stage for mixing-stuff 2012 - South Africa (DSP) 2013 - no proshot but LITE at Summer sonic 2013 2014 - download festival for hybrid theory and hard start wastelands 2014 - MTV Fandom awards for THP.. Hollywood bowl show for all other other As u all know, just my opinion Other opinions welcome, i don't fight about mine I want some cool shows too.
  10. Just think bout this guys... This show ws roughly 6-7 minutes short of 100 minutes.... They're gonna add ALITS in thr next show
  11. Fuck yeah! Finally APFMH and FTI! i hated that outro to wfte anyways #APFMHbroughtback! #holyshit #ALLCAPSHOLYSHIT!
  12. Original (but considering the untitled from hybrid theory studio finals, that) Definitely the "new" one over the older one
  13. should we be any excited for this concert or something? :/ would it kill for even a tiny change in the set like maybe replacing DANCE WITH GLASS for a DVD-level show? :/
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