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2014.08.29 - Tinley Park, IL, 101WKQX's PIQNIQ


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The Carnivores Tour is making its next stop in Tinley Park, Illinois, for 101WKQX's annual PIQNIQ event. Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and AFI will be performing on the main stage at the event, as well as performing with a few other bands!


Linkin Park is no stranger to Tinley Park, as they've played there plenty of times before: twice in 2001 (1, 2), 2004, 2007, and 2012. The first show in 2001 saw them playing another festival: Q101's Jamboree, at which they played with the likes of Papa Roach, Staind, and Disturbed. The second show of 2001 was the opening show of the famous Ozzfest, at which they opened with 'A Place For My Head' for the only time on the tour! We'll talk more about 'A Place For My Head' later, though. In 2004, they visited the city for Projekt Revolution, with artists such as Korn, Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion), and The Used. In 2007, the band made the second-to-last stop on the 2007 Projekt Revolution there. Notable events at the show include Chester bringing his son, Tyler, out on stage before 'Somewhere I Belong' and Chester remarking that the crowd was the best they've had on that tour during the encore break. Will the crowd at the Carnivores Tour stop will live up to the 2007 crowd? Time will tell! At their most recent stop there in 2012, the band a modified version of Set B (which coincidentally opened with 'A Place For My Head', just like in 2001), changing up the order of 'With You', 'Victimized (w/ QWERTY)', 'Somewhere I Belong', 'Empty Spaces', and 'When They Come For Me'. The band may have had a briefer history here than some of the other stops on the tour, there's definitely a strong one, which has a lot of 'A Place For My Head' in it. Speaking of the song...


'A Place For My Head' has still not appeared on the Carnivores Tour, despite being rehearsed for the tour and the very clear demand for the song, as evidenced by our 2014 Live Poll. If you're interested in anything the band has prepared for the Carnivores Tour that hasn't made the cut, check out this thread. If you want to see what songs the band rehearsed but didn't play throughout their career, there's a thread for that, too. At the previous show in Winnipeg, the band performed a standard run-through of Set A, which features 'Points Of Authority' and 'Crawling'. Mike rapped the first verse of 'When They Come For Me' over his solo medley, which is the first time he's done so since Holmdel, NJ. Mike has been playing it relatively safe when it comes to his medley, mostly performing a 'hybrid' verse of the Fort Minor song 'Remember The Name' throughout the tour. He's also performed his verse from the 'Skin To Bone' Nick Catchdubs remix from RECHARGED and the first verse of 'When They Come For Me' on certain occasions. There's still a lot of opportunity for his medley. In the past, he rapped a verse of 'Hands Held High' but hasn't done so since Greenfield 2014. What songs would you like to see Mike rap over his medley? We think Fort Minor's 'Spraypaint & Inkpens' would work well, as well as older Linkin Park tracks like 'Forgotten' and 'High Voltage'. What about you?


Check out this performance of Mike's Solo Medley and the new 2014 Version of 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You' at Falcon Heights, Minnesota at the Minnesota State Fair a few days ago. There's a few interesting moments in this video, including the false start of Mike's medley and his shoutout to Astat when 'Remember The Name' kicked in! Congrats again, sir!

The other bands on the Carnivores Tour are still doing very well live! AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars both played very energetic sets at Winnipeg. AFI played their standard setlist, which features 'I Hope You Suffer' and 'Miss Murder', as well as older songs like 'The Days Of The Phoenix' and 'Medicate'. At the beginning of the tour, the band performed two songs they subsequently dropped from all future setlists: 'A Single Second' and 'Beautiful Thieves'. Will we see these songs return sometime on the tour? Maybe one of them will return in Illinois! Thirty Seconds To Mars also performed a fairly standard setlist, which opens with an old-school MARS opening of Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana: O Fortuna' and their new single, 'Up In The Air'. The setlist features singles like 'Do Or Die' and 'City Of Angels', as well as some deeper album cuts like 'Conquistador' and 'End Of All Days'. You can expect a lot of epic moment from MARS's set, if you're skeptical about their live performance, including giant balloons flying everywhere during the last chorus of 'This Is War', Jared Leto running out to the outer sections of the venue during 'Kings and Queens', and a whole load of confetti!


Unlike past Carnivores Tour performances, there will be a bunch of other bands performing too, since this is a radio station hosted event. The other bands include Junior Prom, Sleeper Agent, and Wild Cub, who will be performing on the St. Xavier University Side Stage, and Local H, who will be performing alongside the Carnivores Tour artists on the main stage, before AFI. These bands are relatively unknown, so here's a brief description of them. Check out the entire lineup here.

  • Junior Prom is an indie/electronic duo hailing from New York City. Their music has many elements of electronica, a little soul, and a little funk. Check out their single,
    . You can compare them to Panic! At The Disco and Capital Cities.
  • Sleeper Agent formed in 2009 in Kentucky. The name may sound familiar to some, as it's a reference to the sci-fi franchise, Battlestar Galactica. They are an indie rock outfit who have a sound similar to that of Imagine Dragons. They have catchy, upbeat guitar riffs as well infectious melodies. Check out their song,
  • Wild Cub is an electronica/synthpop group who are known for their track,
    . For a reference point, look to an artist like CHVRCHES for similarities. They have some catchy tracks that are punctuated by cheerful guitar riffs and accompanied by synths.
  • If you're looking for something closer to the sound of the Carnivores Tour bands, Local H is who you should check out. They're an Alternative Rock who've been in the game longer than Linkin Park (est. 1987!), but have still kept their ground throughout the years. Their music can be compared to Nirvana and early Foo Fighters. Some may remember their 1996 hit,
Lastly, if you live in an area that the Carnivores Tour is not stopping at, or don't live in the United States or Canada in the first place, but really want to experience a show on the tour, you're in luck! Linkin Park's and Thirty Seconds to Mars' sets at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA on September 15 will be streamed via Jared Leto's online ticketing service, VyRT. Sign up and buy your ticket today for the price of $15, as in a chat with Jared earlier this week, he said that if they sold 500 tickets by Friday, Mike and Chester will make an appearance at the VyRT Chat! Today's the last day! The beauty of it is that they could join the chat from anywhere they are in the world, so they could be on at any point in the day. We'll keep you updated if they do show up!


Now that you've discovered some new music, are you excited for the show? A bunch of great bands, and, as an added bonus, there will most likely be a bunch of good food (it is a picnic, after all). Who'll be heading to the show? We can expect Set B to be performed, since the band is following a certain pattern (ABAB) as far as rotating their setlists go. LPLive members CASTLEOFSASS and dereklp will be there! Post in this thread to schedule a possible meet up with your LPL friends! Stop by the Music For Relief to donate to the cause of putting an end to the ebola outbreak currently taking place in Africa. After this show, the band plays one final show in Clarkston, Michigan before taking a week's break at the beginning of September. We'll keep you updated on the show both here and on our Twitter!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2014 touring schedule here.

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Mike was pretty creative when he did HHH. I love both the WTCFM and HHH verses....probably like STB a tad more than RTN but not a big fan of either sadly. But props for doing STB when it's from Recharged. They really have incorporated every album they have ever released into this show, for the first time in their career.

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I asked Mike at the Montreal M&G to try High Voltage. He thought about it a little bit and said "Hmm, I think it's a little too fast".




I would LOVE to hear Mike doing his verse from the track Cover and Duck!

Like RTN, just speed the verse up and it's perfect! This is good progress, here!

APFMH probably won't work, but it could...

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