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2014.08.13 - Bristow, VA, Jiffy Lube Live


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Bristow, Virginia is the next stop on the Carnivores Tour! Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and AFI are making their fourth stop on tour at Jiffy Lube Live, a venue that the band is no stranger to! The band has played in Bristow 6 times (in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2008, and twice in 2012, the first of which was the Private Production Rehearsal for the Honda Civic Tour), all of which were at Jiffy Lube Live (the venue underwent a name change in 2010; originally, the venue's name was the Nissan Pavalion at Stone Ridge). The band has a positive history with playing Bristow: in 2008, Chris Cornell joined the band for 'Crawling', and 'What I've Done' featured the AMBO Intro for the last time in that set (Set Z). In 2012, the band rehearsed two sets (Set C and Set A) at their rehearsal, and played Set C the next day, opening their show with 'With You' for the first time since 2001, as well as debuting 'Lost In The Echo', 'In My Remains', and 'Victimized (w/ QWERTY)'!


Check out the band performing 'With You' with its Game Of Thrones Intro to open the show back in Bristow 2012:


Speaking of 'With You', the band performed it in full for the first time on The Hunting Party Tour (excluding the Download Festival, which the Hybrid Theory performance was recently released for download. Ironic, huh?) with the debut of the new Set B! The setlist featured A BUNCH of new changes, including the aforementioned 'With You', the tour debuts for both 'Lying From You' (which was performed with a new intro, bridge, and outro featuring 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder' by Jay-Z) and 'Somewhere I Belong', a shortened version of 'Burn It Down' was moved to the encore, and Mike rapped the second verse of the Fort Minor song, 'Remember The Name' for the first time over his medley. The only thing we're missing is 'A Place For My Head', which is the most requested song to be played by the band on the Carnivores Tour, according to our new 2014 Live Poll. 'No More Sorrow' and 'By Myself' are trailing not too far behind, too. Mike has said they have two setlists prepared, but he never dismissed the possibility of a third, though chances are grim. Hopefully a Set C will debut with even more songs! #MakeaSetC!


On the other side of the Carnivores Tour, AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars are still bringing the love! AFI presumably played the same nine song setlist they've been performing, which is packed with a bunch of fan favorites. Thirty Seconds To Mars opened their set with their huge single, 'Up In The Air' again, however they dropped their opening sequence, Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana: O Fortuna'. Jared Leto also brought up a bunch of fans from the crowd during their last song, 'Closer To The Edge', as per usual.


If the band is following their normal beginning-of-the-tour pattern, we should be seeing the new Set B again at this show. However, the band may surprise us. For one, Mike did make a mistake during the show: during the encore, he was supposed to rap his verse on 'Points Of Authority', but rapped the first verse of 'With You' like he did in Set A. We'll likely see him correct that, and who knows what he'll do over his medley? He's now started incorporating Fort Minor tracks as his third verse, with 'Remember The Name' being rapped at the previous show in Charlotte. Mike did a similar type of thing back in 2007, 2008, and 2009 where he rapped various verses over the extended intro and outro for 'Points Of Authority'. There are now a bunch of possibilities: Fort Minor songs such as 'Spraypaint & Inkpens', 'In Stereo', and 'Petrified', or older Linkin Park songs like 'Reading My Eyes', 'High Voltage', and 'Nobody's Listening' would all work. What verse would you like to see him do? Maybe someone can request it at the meet and greet!


Who's attending the show? The LPLive Crew will be holding down the fort at the Music For Relief booth at this show, as well as the rest of the East Coast shows, too! Stop by and say hi! Be sure to check out AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars to get the full Carnivores experience! Check back here during the time of the show or follow us on Twitter to get updates!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2014 touring schedule here.


Show Page Notes

Date: August 12, 2014
Location: Bristow, VA
Venue: Jiffy Lube Live
Tour: Carnivores Tour
Other Bands: 30 Seconds To Mars, AFI
Show #: 4 of 25

1. Mashup Intro #2 (w/ Session, 1stp Klosr, The Requiem, The Summoning, The Catalyst, Guilty All The Same)
2. Guilty All The Same
3. Given Up (Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note)
4. With You
5. One Step Closer (Ext. Outro)
6. Blackout (Shortened (Intro and Partial Outro Instrumental Only); Ext. Papercut Beat Outro Transition)
7. Papercut (Shortened (No Second Verse or Second Chorus))
8. Rebellion (Ext. Intro)

9. Runaway (Shortened (Intro/First Verse/Chorus Only); Ext. Outro Transition w/ Wastelands Verse 1)

10. Wastelands

11. Castle Of Glass (Experience Version; Piano Transition Outro)

12. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)

13. Robot Boy (Shortened (Intro, Synth Bridge, and Ending Instrumental Only))

14. Joe Solo Medley (w/ Wretches And Kings, Victimized Remix, Buy Myself, Cure For The Itch, Session, Plc.4 Mie Hæd)

15. Numb (Numb/Encore Outro)

16. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ 'Until It Breaks' Verse 2; Wall Of Noise Outro)

17. Final Masquerade

18. Mike Solo Medley (w/ Joe) (w/ Wretches And Kings, Remember The Name Chorus + Verse 2; Ext. Outro Transition)

19. Lying From You (Dirt Off You Shoulders Intro/Bridge/Outro)

20. Somewhere I Belong

21. In The End

22. Faint (Ext. Outro)
23. Burn It Down Shortened (No Second Verse or Second Chorus)
24. Lost In The Echo Shortened (Shortened (No Second Verse, Second Chorus, or Bridge)
25. New Divide (Shortened (No Second Verse and Second Chorus); Transition Outro)
26. Until It's Gone (Ext. Intro w/ Points Of Authority Rap; Shortened)
27. What I've Done (Short Ticking Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)
28. Bleed It Out (Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ Drum Solo + The Catalyst Refrain; Ext. Ending)


Show Notes:

- Mike and Chester were on the catwalk from the bridge to the end of 'Papercut'.
- The intro sample of 'Rebellion' was doubled.

- On the transition outro of 'Runaway', Mike rapped verse one of 'Wastelands'. Chester sang the first line of the bridge over the outro transition. Chester went into the crowd at the end of 'Wastelands'.

- 'Castle Of Glass' (labeled the "Experience Version") was performed as a mashup of the album version with Mike's Recharged remix. Only the intro/first verse came from the album version before it went into the remix portion of the song.

- Joe's solo portion of the show featured parts of 'Wretches And Kings', the 'Victimized' M. Shinoda remix from Recharged, 'Session', 'Buy Myself' (Marilyn Manson Remix), 'Cure For the Itch', and 'Plc.4 Mie Haed' from Reanimation.

- Joe missed most of the intro to 'Numb'. Mike and Chester sang part of 'Numb/Encore' of the outro.

- Mike's solo portion of the show featured the first verse of 'Wretches And Kings', a sped up chorus of 'Remember The Name' (by Fort Minor), and verse 2 of 'Remember The Name', which is the first time he's done so. The instrumental of the medley incorporated part of 'Wretches And Kings', part of the 'Skin To Bone' remix, part of 'Remember The Name', and part of 'In My Remains'.
- The band performed 'Lying From You' with an extended intro, bridge, and outro featuring 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder' by Jay-Z.
- Chester went into the crowd during the second chorus of 'Somewhere I Belong'.

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I guess they want to play Set B twice, so it will be played again tonight. I really like this set, the changes that were made to it are great. I'm just hoping they will play a different encore tonight. IMO, that's the only part of the setilst that needs to be fixed.

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Not a shit load but i did see quite a few people yeah, mostly because they thought it was over after Faint (idiots) Chester was giving everyone at the front of the pit hugs during bleed it out, douche bag security guard wouldnt let me move 5 feet up so that i could get one too since i was in section 1 and not in the pit

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Neither of the sets are that bad. Yes, it's extremely shitty that there are shortened songs, but the songs they chose aren't bad. I couldn't care less about seeing anything off of Hybrid Theory or Meteora except for maybe Papercut, 3 songs from Minutes To Midnight is decent, I don't care about anything on A Thousand Suns because it doesn't mix well with any of their other albums at all, there are 2 or 3 songs from LIVING THINGS in the set which is good and they are playing all 5 singles from THP. The only thing I hate about these sets are the shortened songs and the fact that they didn't include Keys To The Kingdom as a new song for the sets. Fuck War.

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I've decided to edit my post because I was pretty tired when I did this last night so I want to do it properly.


Yesterday will be one of those days when everything was just perfect. It was such an experience as me and my friends drove 3 and a half hours to see this concert. We unfortuately missed AFI which made me a little sad cause I grew up listening to them and I always wanted to see them live. We did make it in time for 30 Seconds to Mars which was great! I even brought my horse mask to lighten the mood for everyone. 30 Seconds to Mars is a band who knows how to pump up a crowd. Jared was everywhere last night, I was hoping he would've ran to my section cause I wanted him to spot me with the horse mask on but he didn't. They were fantastic, but Linkin Park blew them out of the park. They were absolutely spot on, as I said Guilty All The Same had a little bit of issues with tempo (as I thought so) but they were perfect. This was definitely the greatest concert I've ever been to. I have never been more into a show than this one. I was singing everything at the top of my lungs, I even recorded the whole show on my iPhone just so I can experience it again. I'd like to thank Linkin Park for putting on the greatest show ever. The setlist was absolutely perfect too, I don't know why everyone is bitching about it but that's how we fans are. I will hopefully see them again if they come close on the next leg.

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I was completely satisfied with how the show went. Honestly, that was the best show I've ever been to. Linkin Park was on their game tonight and they sounded perfect. Guilty All The Same had a little fault with the tempo but other than that it was flawless. Jiffy Lube Live is the best venue I've ever been to as well.

Top venue, great crowd, and the band really brought it. I don't think I've ever been at a show where I've seen Mike and Chester having so much fun.

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This was incredible. Meet and greet was fantastic. I don't see everyones problem with these setlists. Yeah, some songs are "abridged" or whatever, but come on guys, they are squeezing as much as they can in for a 100 minute set.


Honestly, if you just don't even think about how the set is, and you just go to the show to have a great time, you will have a great time and the set will feel just fine. Everyone flowed so great last night.

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Seeing this as my first LP show, all I have to say is this...F4CKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! Crowd was insane, even when they played the new songs. I was singing along the through entire set, and I jumped non-stop when they played Runaway/Wastelands.


Can't wait to see them again!!! :D

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