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LPTV - 2014 Europe Tour Part 2


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one of the most boring LPTV episodes. Even though it's short, it doesn't contain anything interesting, except for Chester singing COG

I agree, at least the last one had the whole ordeal with Brad's injury. They shouldn't even release an episode this short unless there's some kind of point to the video.

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If they didn't release it, you guys would be bitching and moaning that you didn't get an LPTV.


They could have just uploaded a normal episode like they have been doing since 2007. We have got hardly anything at all this cycle in terms of LPTV for absolutely no reason. It's disgusting.

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I'm honestly not complaining about the lengths because they used to do like 10 minutes episodes for a whole tour or a part of the tour. I think this way we are getting more coverage per show. In the past they often skipped over shows too. For example Wantagh 2012, awesome show and all there was was a little bit of footage of them drinking coffee in the helicopter flying to the show lol.

They could be longer each episode, that's right but I like the fact that each show is getting a little more exposure.

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