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What song do you want brought back in the set?


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QWERTY :rolleyes: . All of you who went to the PR 07 and Japan 06 shows were bloody lucky to hear this.


At the London Astoria (3/5/07) M&G, i asked Phoenix if they were gonna play it and he said 'oh i'm not sure about that, come to Donnington (Download Festival) and we'll see'. I went to Rock Am Ring instead (another big European festival) so was hoping to hear it there. They played it at neither! Buggers <_<


Would be awesome to hear that opening riff..

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As someone who actually saw QWERTY live in '07, it really wasn't anything special, in fact it was probably the weakest song in the set when I saw them. The band members weren't all on the same page as far as how many times each part repeats, and the song sounded really sloppy as a result. Unless they can nail down a solid arrangement of it like they had in '06 (which would be hard since 3 of them like the live version better and 3 of them like the studio version better), I'd rather not see it come back.


P5HNG ME A*WY. Ditch the piano version, it's boring as hell. Or at least rotate all 3 versions, one per set.


I'd also like to see them try some more Reanimation material live.

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