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  1. I hope and this image not will be the cover of the new album.
  2. ¬¬ Come on, I know alot of people that hate this guy, (Brandon) Why? His look. And one important thing in one band is the look, the personality. IS ONE OPINION
  3. I like this idead, Brandon looks like an emo and the band looks like a stupid for me.(with this guy) Now JK have Personality. IS JUST ONE OPINION
  4. Yeah ¬¬, mike make this imagine thinking in the 13 frames like the 13 songs of the new cd ¬¬ please guys, this image dont have any code, just its an image, mike maybe downloaded from google lol he wanna make time to surprise us. [sorry for my english]
  5. :( is very disappointed how you see LP like a POP band can be a little of comercial but not POP :( LP is other level <_<
  6. 100% true i hate that :angry:
  7. Come on are you kidding me? really if it is true, maybe they will expand to Chile and Argentina, but not mexico ¬¬" I hate that
  8. OMG! why not come to mexico! dammit
  9. OMG the new song can hear in the video in the finally
  10. Maybe one release of LP? Or who wanna talk with marc fiore? o.O not make sence
  11. OMG :o :o Oportunity to get One great Video
  12. Hey why i cant see DEMONOID is offline for me since 2009
  13. Plz invite me *mail removed*
  14. Someone invite me? *mail removed*
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    hi and viva mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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