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  1. I hope and this image not will be the cover of the new album.
  2. ¬¬ Come on, I know alot of people that hate this guy, (Brandon) Why? His look. And one important thing in one band is the look, the personality. IS ONE OPINION
  3. I like this idead, Brandon looks like an emo and the band looks like a stupid for me.(with this guy) Now JK have Personality. IS JUST ONE OPINION
  4. Yeah ¬¬, mike make this imagine thinking in the 13 frames like the 13 songs of the new cd ¬¬ please guys, this image dont have any code, just its an image, mike maybe downloaded from google lol he wanna make time to surprise us. [sorry for my english]
  5. :( is very disappointed how you see LP like a POP band can be a little of comercial but not POP :( LP is other level <_<
  6. 100% true i hate that :angry:
  7. Come on are you kidding me? really if it is true, maybe they will expand to Chile and Argentina, but not mexico ¬¬" I hate that
  8. OMG! why not come to mexico! dammit
  9. OMG the new song can hear in the video in the finally
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