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  1. The new Linkin Park video for 'Castle Of Glass' has been uploaded to YouTube. What do you think about it: like/dislike? Better or worse than previous Linkin Park videos?
  2. Oh, i know that. I actually meant released how LT Instrumentals & Acapellas were.
  3. A very unique way to get the latest video from Linkin Park has been unveiled - Mike says that if 3,000,000 people download the beta version of the new Medal Of Honor Warfighter game starting October 5th, then the band will release their 'Castle Of Glass' video they did with EA. You can watch a behind the scenes look at the new video for 'Castle Of Glass' Visit http://www.medalofhonor.com/beta for more information. Thoughts?
  4. As much as i'd like to hear Wizard Song, i don't want LP to make a sequel to MMM...Cookies!.
  5. All. But definitely Meteora and Hybrid Theory.
  6. Will there be any new tracks/remixes? The term "edition" to me means tracks not on the original release, remixed tracks, ect.
  7. Brilliant! Now all we need is some more Fort Minor!
  8. 6 years on and still going strong! Brilliant!
  9. Has anyone noticed the scream in the Skin To Bone acapella? It's at the "Right to left, left to right" part, before the chorus.
  10. I think that (something) is "Deep below".
  11. .................................... EPIC!!!!
  12. This is brilliant! Can't wait for the full song!
  13. He removes comments saying "Fake" because he just can't accept that most of his videos are fake, lol.
  14. Like Sick. It's not a demo, it's Don't Stay with that Joan Baez poem at the start. Also, on the video i mentioned, i wrote "Fake", and he hasn't removed it yet.
  15. Anyone know where this came from?? And what song is it?
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