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  1. The earliest I could have heard of them might be 2004, but I became a dedicated fan in 2006, when I was nine.
  2. There was that one time when I labelled the band as "Heavy Metal". Then again, I was only 9.
  3. 1.Breaking The Habit Live 2.Breaking The Habit Live 3.Breaking The Habit Live 4.Breaking The Habit Live 5.Breaking The Habit Live 6.Breaking The Habit Live 7.Breaking The Habit Live 8.Breaking The Habit Live 9.Breaking The Habit Live 10.Breaking The Habit Live
  4. I loved LT back when it came out, but now, I think it's quite overrated.
  5. I think he actually said 18 months.
  6. As i said on LPA, i've been obsessed since i was 9. :hipsterpurgatorium:
  7. 01 - One Step Closer (with 2008 intro) 02 - Lost In The Echo 03 - Don't Stay (Joan Baez intro) 04 - The Little Things Give You Away 05 - Iridescent
  8. This sounds awesome! I hope we do get Bruiser!
  9. I heard Korn's ADIDAS in there. It's before the part where Nookie properly starts.
  10. Is this Bruiser? It came from an OpenLabs video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh3c82EqSTE
  11. I like those titles! Can't fuckin' wait!
  12. 1. Lie 2. Army 3. Held Me high 4. Suffer all alone 5. Open Our Eyes 6. Drop Me Down 7. FUCKIN' METAL 8. Alongside Me 9. Tommorow 10. Rap Song 11. Pointless 12. Careless
  13. In the behind the scenes of Iridescent, there's a part where Chester is playing guitar (at least i think it's him). Why exactly was this removed? It's at 9 seconds.
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