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  1. Haters gonna hate , potatos gonna potate. Ye it was awesome
  2. Great episode, I enjoyed it.Aswell as the acoustic version of BITS.
  3. Couldn't agree more on everything.
  4. Can't wait for the surprise, sucks that I can't watch it because of the region block though. P.S. Gotta start posting here more this is like one of my most visited sites and forums but I never post here.
  5. It liked it but something is missing in these new ATS era videos (no not the lack of colours, lol) ,they don't have the same replay value as their HT,MT videos
  6. So the player on the right is the radio? Edit: Nvm xD
  7. I'd say Into You because The feeling I get while listening to it is just f-in awesome!
  8. Is it just me or there's new guitar parts during the verse on given up, no?
  9. All i've got to say is...This album is the most epicest album EVER... I still feel like my mind is floating somewhere far far away...
  10. Blackout is so epic the mario type synth suits it so well.
  11. The rapping reminds of sean paul.The second half of this song sounds VERY poppish for now. Lets wait and see how it will blend with the guitar intro.
  12. That was what I got after the first listen trying to figure the lyrics out.So I wasn't being that serious lol
  13. LOL i tried to figure out the chorus fillin load (feelin low?) / final blow we the animals take control hear us now (,no?) clear control / wretches & kings we come for you. Awaiting for correction.
  14. It sounds more like a heavy distorted synth beat more than guitar though.But it's probably heavily produced guitar.
  15. Not just yours, eastern europe too...
  16. Meteora and 2004-07 demos along with Pictureboard is what I want.
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