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  1. Slow but promising progress. I think this may be as accurate as I can possibly get it. Ignore Dave
  2. I’ve got it, not nearly as good as the original or the new non-acoustic version
  3. What does a band who has no opportunity of touring benefit from postponing an album release, especially when physical sales are not anything like they used to be?
  4. When they say partial refund, it's likely for those who got it in a bundle to make up for the bundle missing something, not that they got paid and they are only giving some of it back
  5. I was 5 at the time of the album releasing so I obviously wasn't a fan at the time, but I've accumulated some stuff that I really treasure from the era. I've decided to submit a photo of my signed copy of Hybrid Theory (signed in 2014), first poster, replica symbols shirt the LPU released some years back, and a sampler tape and VHS version of Frat Party just because I don't seem them that often and think they're neat
  6. Lithograph appears to be fully canceled now, that link earlier in the thread to the other website selling it is down and I've received an email saying anyone who bought it or a bundle with it will be getting a refund or partial refund
  7. So if the lithograph with the LPU photo was taken down for that reason and not selling out, then what happens to those (myself included) who bought it prior to that? Are they making a new one? Canceling it? Sending it to those who already managed to buy it? I would also have preferred they had made an old school picture of them all the photo used, so if they change it to that for those who bought it already, that'd be some consolation
  8. Are there actually seven different vinyls? I wouldn't be surprised if there were, but it looks like the store thumbnails for the first two picture discs changed to the flip sides records now. So I see those two, the Spotify one, the splatter looking one, the red one, and the blue one. Regardless, it seems like overkill. Sickness is pretty great, I like it more than the original, which was the opposite with What's in the Eye. Also, question about one of the bundles. I got the lithograph one that was listed as that, the splatter looking vinyl, and the CD. The email confirmation does not mention the CD, the receipt link only mentions the free sticker now, the bundle is gone, and the link is dead. Kinda worried about that Edit: I think the CD is just included with that vinyl in general, but still odd that what I assume are the "sold out" listings are completely taken down instead of saying sold out. Also strange that if there's a deluxe CD with bonus songs that isn't sold on the official store
  9. What relevancy does that have here? Just because OML hate was brought up doesn't mean it's rant time. Why can't this just stay in the shoutbox?
  10. Reanimation is definitely a remix album in the commonly assumed sense, Mike meant that it isn't just a typical remix album. That note never said it wasn't a remix album. This song isn't the same as Reanimation, but it's still a remix, they literally mixed the song again. Edit: I don't see the CD on their store, really hope I didn't miss it
  11. jFar920

    Xero News

    I will take the blame for that if it did end up affecting anything substantially, but to be completely honest, I highly doubt it did. Sure, now there's definitive proof of Adam saying he doesn't want it out there, but I'm pretty sure those older demos didn't slip his mind before it was brought up. At the very least, something would have been leaked again and someone would have put a stop to it after the fact (like with the DBS demos) instead of the hesitation to not release it at all, and we'd be in the exact same situation with whatever may have leaked next. There would be absolutely no way this wouldn't have eventually made it to Adam with how much the Linkin Park community likes demos and how interesting this demo is in general. I'm also going to justify asking about the already released stuff because I help moderate the official forum and I personally wanted to know what is and isn't allowed to be shared on there, and from personal experience, Lorenzo and Ana are not the quickest to respond. Who knows though, you might have been talking about someone else who asked him the same question and I'm defending myself for no reason
  12. jFar920

    Xero News

    Not that I'm pushing for the release or saying there isn't good reason, I completely understand the circumstances and that the band/Warner Bros. has the legal authority, but Chester isn't even involved with this track, why is that being thrown around like fact so much for a Xero track? Didn't the Rapology stuff happen after his passing?
  13. jFar920

    Xero News

    This is awesome stuff, hope it gets released at some point, but I completely understand not doing it at the moment. Regardless, it's great to have this chunk of Linkin Park history preserved. I'm so happy that the Linkin Park community is this involved in the preservation of the band. Trying to find info on other artists is often a pain, I often expect to be able to find answers to questions I have as simply as I do with Linkin Park
  14. Were these on the official channel at one point? I have 2003 episodes in a folder that I thought was mostly downloads right from the channel, but I download these all in 2015 so I might have been dumb and mixed in some unofficial uploads Edit: Linkinpedia lists Seed videos as LPUTV, but they are on the official channel as LPTV. Are there extended LPU versions? Edit 2: Going through some videos I've found recently, going to post them if I can't find them online anywhere
  15. I probably overreacted a bit considering what I was attempting to call out, I'm sorry about that, it just feels crappy to assume Chester thought the album/band sucked based on very minimal interactions, especially when he can't really defend himself on it anymore. Maybe I'm in denial or biased because it was basically the first LP-related release I was around for (got really into the band right after Minutes to Midnight came out), but I really enjoy most Out of Ashes. I see the term "butt-rock" thrown around a lot as an insult in other places outside of the Linkin Park community, and I don't really get how a term like that isn't meant to be insulting, but obviously you didn't come up with the term and it's understandable that it's kinda tied to certain bands now regardless of what it means. I honestly like a good chunk of Nickelback and Three Days Grace
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