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  1. I figured I’d grab a few more just in case there aren’t many people who want to trade, and for more leverage to trade with, but the “ADD TO CART” button isn’t working anymore. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Those odds aren’t looking too good for me, I bought 15 of the soldier hoping I would just get lucky and get them all right away
  3. Time to bump my dead thread for the 100th time http://jordanfirari.com/8-bit-rebellion/ Work in progress remake. Originally was just going to remake the areas of the game and stop at that, but I've already added more like movable player, NPCs and warp points
  4. So, is the only physical release for this a vinyl? Would have picked it up if it was a CD release
  5. Was the name "Platinum Lotus Foundation" common info at one point? Where was it mentioned before this? It was apparently on the Linkin Park Wikipedia back in 2004. Edit: Reading the section about the name changes seems so weird, like it's a fanfiction. I obviously can't claim to have proof it's fake, and I'm sure the bigger info is probably true, but some of the smaller details seem so specific and odd to me, like they are out of a cartoon
  6. I was thinking about that more today at work, Part of Me got screwed over twice on this release between the missing demo and Chair being trimmed. Has anyone determined if Part of Me is the only significantly different demo we are missing from this set? No others come to mind immediately Edit: 2-Track Demo A Place for My Head
  7. Man, speaking of errors, the "Forgotten Demos" CD is filled with songs that aren't "Forgotten". Even the one track that actually is, is labeled incorrectly as "Rhinestone". Jokes aside, I don't know if the boxset idea itself was rushed, but it seems like some corners were cut in the international versions, which really sucks considering the price. The issue with the 2 LPU tracks being cut short is slowly starting to kinda annoy me now when before I was kinda meh about it. I really hope the bigger issues can be resolved in some capacity. I don't see them reprinting the book or sleev
  8. I like Dialate quite a bit, but Could Have Been is outstanding. I’m a big fan of She Couldn’t, but damn do I wish that Could Have Been was the song that we got back in the day. I love the instrumentals of Hybrid Theory songs so much. Linkin Park does great instrumentally in general, but there’s just something about Hybrid Theory (and a decent chunk of Meteora) that almost any of the songs could have works as standalone instrumentals and I would have enjoyed them just as much. Maybe it’s just my taste in music, but as much as I still enjoy later stuff post-Meteora, witho
  9. Do the band segments loop? I finally just got a Sirius account (it was a pain in the ass) and hope I didn't miss anything
  10. Unless they are doing it for the purpose of scalping and making money off it, who cares if people resell or giveaway parts of the bundle? At least a third of the stuff is going to be doubles to even common collectors
  11. Late-ass reply to this, but wouldn’t that just mean there isn’t a clean version of the track in general, I don’t recall there being a physical version of the clean album
  12. This is true, but the same can most likely be said about cassettes. More people probably have DVD players than tape players. The one here is more of a novelty piece in my opinion, but it still had to be produced, and with all the DVDs in this set, another DVD probably wouldn't be much more expensive than manufacturing the tape. That being said, tapes hold more of a place in history in music in general though, the average person probably doesn't even know about 5.1 DVDs, or care since they can't really listen to it on the go. The Reanimation music videos would have been cool to incl
  13. I think someone else brought that up earlier (we are at 12 pages now and I don't wanna search for it), but I'm kinda hoping the lengths for those are errors. I know they're instrumental, but there's really no reason to mess with them. If anything, doesn't Grr actually have a longer version that's used in an LPTV?
  14. It's not that it should have, it's just strange that it isn't, and that I thought maybe the reasoning is that it's a rare item that they wanted to keep rare, which is why I thought a Xero tape also wouldn't happen, but the issue of quality is also an issue in that case. Theoretically they could have put the better versions on a reproduction, but if what we assume is the case with Fuse is true, that would also be an issue. Either way, I'm fine with what we got, just some thoughts I had