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  1. I probably overreacted a bit considering what I was attempting to call out, I'm sorry about that, it just feels crappy to assume Chester thought the album/band sucked based on very minimal interactions, especially when he can't really defend himself on it anymore. Maybe I'm in denial or biased because it was basically the first LP-related release I was around for (got really into the band right after Minutes to Midnight came out), but I really enjoy most Out of Ashes. I see the term "butt-rock" thrown around a lot as an insult in other places outside of the Linkin Park community, and I don't really get how a term like that isn't meant to be insulting, but obviously you didn't come up with the term and it's understandable that it's kinda tied to certain bands now regardless of what it means. I honestly like a good chunk of Nickelback and Three Days Grace
  2. I've noticed that almost anytime you personally don't like something, it seems that it's automatically bad. I can understand statements like the acoustic not being proper acoustic or that it didn't get a ton of promotion, but that entire post seems super opinionated ("butt-rock", "cheesy") and is full of assumptions ("He knew it sucked since late 2005, trust me", "He said nah I think they’re just my own thing. He knew DBS was shit.") that ultimately don't really even affect how the music itself sounds. You brought up stuff about Styles of Beyond and Mike regarding Fort Minor and then mentioned Post Traumatic, but disregard that Mike released his Post Traumatic stuff under his own name, similar to how you say Chester wanted to do with his songs from 2017. Does that mean The Rising Tied or Welcome were shit? I saw you mention in the shoutbox that Dead by Sunrise pages on Linkinpedia need more info and that you know it all well enough to write it yourself, but I honestly don't think you'd be able to write up an article without keeping it completely unbiased and introduce subtle jabs to the stuff you don't like. Maybe I'm going a bit overboard on this response, but the way that was all written feels really insulting to those involved and anyone who actually likes Dead by Sunrise, and I've seen things you've posted in the past to know that it probably wasn't written that way on accident
  3. After a lot of trial and error, several Google searches, scanning Mike's blog on the Internet Archive, layering rotated and skewed images over one another, and pixel changes one by one, I believe I've completely recreated all of the original art shown in the video as close as possible. The most questionable parts are Rob's hair (what should be brown or black), Joe's shorts (same issue), and Dave's hat and shirt (the video is really unfocused on him). Dave also doesn't have the same color shirt in the promo art and game art. Next I want to tackle the Hybrid Theory art, which will probably be both easier and harder. I'll have these as a base considering one set is based on the other, but I also have less references for accuracy, and Dave looks incomplete
  4. Mega bump, but I've never really seen this pointed out before. I was trying to make Discord emoji of the 8-bit heads not too long ago, was using the sprites from the game as a base. I always knew the sprites in game were weirdly resized and kinda stretched, but it wasn't until I was trying to touch them up and cross checking some stuff I had posted in here years ago that I notice how botched the band's art is in promo art (less so) and the game (terribly) compared to Mike's original art in the videos This is an attempt at a 1:1 remake of Rob from the blurry shot in one of the videos, followed by promo art, and finally how it looks in game:
  5. I'll get a closer shot and a comparison picture to my other copy later tonight. While the art looks the same in the photo, it's a different material and shaped slightly different as well Edit: Suspected bootleg is on the right
  6. I do use LPCatalog, nearly my entire collection is marked on there (I need to add some stuff). I assumed it was bootleg because it wasn’t on there, but there’s a few things that are still missing on the site so I figured there was still some small chance. I got my legitimate one off eBay as well, but it was from a collector with all the other stuff being legit as well. I don’t care if it is bootleg or not, I brought it up because I hadn’t seen any bootlegs that match it specifically. I can probably take a photo when I get home, it’s closest in appearance to the first release, but the cover is cardboard and not a sticker and the CD doesn’t match any of the releases
  7. http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=One_Step_Closer Under the live versions section for "One Step Closer (featuring Jonathan Davis) (Live)" from LPU 4, the date and link are incorrect, referencing the Roxy Collision Course show. Correct link: https://lplive.net/shows/2004/20040813/
  8. Unless there's two versions of the mixtape and one isn't well documented, I'm pretty sure I managed to get a hold on a bootleg. It wasn't even an intended purchase, came with a deluxe edition of The Rising Tied, but it doesn't match my other copy and the disc is definitely off
  9. Is the "M. Shinoda" remix of What I've Done on LPU X considered a demo? I've always thought it was a weird addition to the album considering the title of specifically is "LPU X: Demos", but it's barely any different than the previously released Distorted Remix. Obviously not all the demos on LPU albums got final releases and most are still considered "demos", so I wonder if Mike just came across an earlier (or maybe even later) version of the remix not even realizing or remembering that a different version was officially released. It honestly wouldn't surprise me considering the alternate versions of Shadow of the Day and No Roads Left that eventually made their way out that it wasn't intended to be an alternate version of the Distorted Remix
  10. Took a listen to the vinyl, seems like those edits may have just been done by Green Lantern based on how the were being censored, but that doesn't really prove anything if that track-by-track had the clean versions. Not to call you out saying it's not true, I'm just curious, are you sure that used the clean versions? I found your thread that had the download at one point (it and someone else's mirror are now down) and you mentioned removing the songs before the commentary and that you no longer had the original files later on. If you, or anyone, has the track-by-track, I think that'd be a great addition to the LPLive Archive, even if the songs aren't included, I'd love to just hear the commentary
  11. Does a clean version of the special edition of The Rising Tied exist, physically or digitally? More specifically clean studio versions of Be Somebody and There They Go? LPCatalog has two entries for "clean" versions of the special edition: https://lpcatalog.com/item/fort-minor_2005_the-rising-tied/special-edition/4943674060603_jp https://lpcatalog.com/item/fort-minor_2005_the-rising-tied/special-edition/9325583032141_au-clean The Japanese entry, while it is missing the parental advisory, is not actually clean. The Australian entry might be clean, but it looks identical to the explicit Australian version so I think this might be an error as well On martinez's Digital Releases site, there are no clean versions of the special edition songs. Both the pages for Be Somebody and There They Go on Linkinpedia mention clean versions of the songs existing, which is really the only source leaving me believing that they do exist. Linkinpedia also mentions "There They Go - Green Mix" from this, though I can't seem to find any rips of this vinyl online. It's possible that Green Lantern just made his own clean edits of the song considering there's apparently a clean version of his remix of Nobody's Listening on there as well. Most of the cursing on The Rising Tied wasn't actually censored but was instead replaced with new lyrics, so if that remix had different lyrics it'd most likely at least mean there's an official There They Go clean version somewhere, even if it isn't released.
  12. Where can I find the clean version of The Hunting Party? I've seen it referenced in a few places between different Linkin Park communities, but I can't seem to find a link to somewhere that has it for sale, and I'm 99% sure it wasn't released physically Edit: One More Light Live, as well Edit 2: While I'm here, Post Traumatic's clean version wasn't released physically either, correct? This I can find online, but I'm curious
  13. This may be the most nonsense question ever, but it has been in the back of my mind for a while now: Do the song titles for the Reanimation remixes have an official way to write them out (case wise)? All the songs on the back cover are ALL CAPS EVERYTHING, but that's not uncommon for tracklists on the back of albums. Another thing going towards them being all caps is the DVD menus for Live in Texas, where all the songs are written normally, aside for P5hng Me A*wy, which is in all caps again. The caps would also fit in more with the use of punctuation and numbers as letters. That being said, almost always, the songs are written out like normal titles anywhere else officially. I've noticed two exceptions to this though. The official YouTube channel lists Frgt/10 as "FRGT/10" and Ppr:kut as "PPr:Kut". The answer to this question is more than likely just no one cared enough to keep it all consistent and I'm over thinking things, but at least this is something to ponder and waste time while we wait a few more days Post Traumatic
  14. When were LPU CDs re-issued? With how many different case designs they've had, I doubt it'd happen without them looking significantly different
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