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Linkin Park Underground 21 Released


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Linkin Park has announced that they have moved to the 21st year of the Linkin Park Underground fan club.

"21 years of Linkin Park Underground. Whether this is your 1st or your 21st year in the LPU, thank you for choosing to participate in our Linkin Park family… we love you all, stay strong and we hope you enjoy LPU 21. -Phoenix"

The LPU said, "The new LPU 21 bundle and merchandise are now in the LP Underground store. This year, we drew inspiration from the LPU 2.0 collection by bringing back the bold colors of the bundle. We also created exclusive vintage items including an LPU 2.0 vintage tee AND exclusive LPU 2.0 music in cassette form."


The LPU 2 album is available on cassette for the first time ever, previously only being released in physical CD and digital formats. Other items for LPU 21 include a notebook, an olive beanie, a vintage LPU 2 shirt, and a bundle with a different Underground shirt, sticker, guitar pick, and keychain.

There is still no update on a future LPU CD release. The band released 16 CDs to the LPU from 2001 to 2016, with the Hybrid Theory EP reissue kicking off the series. The last CD, LP Underground Sixteen, was released in November 2016.

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