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  1. I pre-ordered so might as well wait and listen when i get the cd :-)
  2. mike was obviously taking the piss at some questions! (i hope LOL)
  3. pity there is no super fan edition or something like that i was hoping for one of them. Ill just get the album in the shop on the day, gonna be more handy then waiting for the CD to come by post.
  4. fucking sweet! never thought they would do a collab with someone but its music only so thats ok. Doubt they will ever do a collab with vocals. Nice article... exciting as hell
  5. If the twitter account was removed that quick i'm pretty sure its fake.
  6. guaranteed meet and greet is fucking awesome... cant wait for tour dates now
  7. luki9875

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Thats fucking great! Looks like we will be getting proper LPU cd's from now on! -New benefits including early entry to Linkin Park shows- < LOVE IT
  8. Health always comes first that's obvious.... of course at the same time i understand fans getting pissed off but what can you do...
  9. Have to say the quality of video and audio is fucking fantastic... cant wait to see LP play hope someone will record it somehow lol
  10. wow awesome.... didnt expect to read a topic which has the world "new album" that fast
  11. depressing shit.... :/ i hope it will happen!
  12. Great Stuff Just bought my package for free lol
  13. I like it, might be a interesting video!
  14. awsome... thanks ill wait for flac anyway
  15. luki9875

    "Set B13"

    Nice Setlist... bring back W&K though
  16. entertaining as usual love it
  17. damn no more EU episodes :-( hopefully they will make one still that one great though!
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