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  1. The dude that uploaded said in the comments, must be a Text reference to the song
  2. Just a info to add to What I've Done page, did you guys know that What I've Done was meant to be on Midnight Club Los Angeles? it got removed for some reason
  3. Did he mentioned this show? could you send the link pls? MTV may have the full lenght concert, but i don't know if we will ever see it
  4. Of course one of the biggest LP concerts, Chimera Festival in São Paulo back in 2004.
  5. I overlayed Guitar, Bass and Drums from Chester's version, which sounded better, givin' this cool sound, I also removed glitches and vinyl noises from the song, hope y'all enjoy it!
  6. Oh my bad, i didn't saw it haha, Thanks. Life saver
  7. yes, thank you, and thanks Astat for that, but i'm getting a error http://fsa.demonoid.com/files/details/1763676/22251204/ No Sponsors This domain currently does not have any Sponsors for you.
  8. Is there any version of Fort Minor's "100 Degrees" without DJ Green Lantern? if there's none version i could work on removing it... it ruins a insane FM song (should been on Rising Tied imo)
  9. yes, just turn the translation to english.. it's the first that i found, but i think he sayed that on some other interviews
  10. Here in Brazil we have this discussion, a Brazillian band named "Charlie Brown Jr" has a song named "O Côro Vai Comer" (which was released in 1997).. the riff reminds "A Place For My Head" riff... when did the original Xero's "Esaul" was recorded? back in 97 (or before maybe)? Fun fact, They already opened three Linkin Park Concerts] 1. Chimera Music Festival, 2004 (The first time LP played in Brazil) 2. A unknown Japan concert, Charlie Brown Jr's singer sayed that they opened the show on a interview. 3. Arena Anhembi, 2012 (The band ended in 2013 due the death of two members)
  11. Thank you guys for the support, yeah, i'm a big fan of this album, in special this song, i was planning to do it a long time ago, but only yeasterday i decided to make it happen haha
  12. I was watching the RaR 2001 concert again and after "Crawling" i heard this little Pre-Lude before "Pushing me Away", It have two Samples... One from "High Voltage" the "You know what I mean" Sample.. The other is unknown it's like "oh, the subway"??? idk, imo sounds like a alternate version of High Voltage, let me know what you guys think. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RZMObyffy94vB9aGxPXcGzu7x05IdTqx/view?usp=sharing RaR 2001 part that plays:
  13. I would love to hear the Making of Meteora/LPTV 2003 beats, like specially this one
  14. I always loved "Be Yourself" maybe i know why rn, lol, what a plot twist
  15. So, i've been working on one the songs that i needed to remaster. heres some things that i've changed from the original one. INTRO NOISE: i've removed because it bother, not sure if was intentional. Removed the Crackle during Mike's line "Maybe someday I'll be just like you and"... (you need to listen to it a thousand of times to notice it) Turning down the Guitar and giving space to Bass... Well, that's one of the things that everyone agrees with. Turning up a little the drums. And Removing a little of the noise from the end tail. Let me know what y'all think, Peace! Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1woy_bdeGuWJSZIppgGkpPi_bCMkDbHmc/view?usp=sharing
  16. What's up LP Family? i was here wondering... if you could make a remaster of Hybrid Theory, what would you change from the original master? i can't really think about it since it's my favorite album of all time hahah, idk if that's why i don't see any defect on the master.
  17. WOW, Great job on that, I found it randomly, I was trying to find a sample of a song, I ended thinking that It sounded familiar with RME
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