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  1. I loved all Amends album, but the 3 acoustic tracks seems alot of generic stuff. Just acoustic guitar and piano... seems to be exactly the same take from Chester, the normal amends version and the acoustics.
  2. you can love, you don't have to enjoy.... but just... don't hate the thing... Chester is on it. please.
  3. Hey man. How are you? i hope so! can you please, re-up the link from the 1994 grey daze mp3?

    cheers from Brazil!

    Thank you!

  4. Have some chance to do it with the London concert?! Thank you so much.
  5. I wanna do this. with every song from all the DSP's..... 2007 - 2012. If anyone wanna help, let me know!!! A master compilation with 40, 45 songs with the best performances.
  6. hey man. can you up load all DSP from milton keynes? thank you!
  7. follow me on twitter .... @janwathier . i have the video.
  8. PART 01: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0za76z4171jtm08/PARTE+01+%2801+-+20%29.rar (01. Intro / 20. Looking For An Answer). 198 MB. Time: 01:26:12. PART 02: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e94i24r6rcp9ocy/PARTE+02+%2821+-+40%29.rar (21. Waiting For The End / 40. Bleed It Out). 208 MB. Time: 01:30:23. I did this. new updated audio, splits, 40 tracks with tags and cover. hope all enjoy it. if you need to find me, i'm on twitter: @janwathier
  9. I split the complete show, with all the talks and the clips .... 40 tracks, new audio, tagged with names, guests and cover. (sorry about my poor english) Track 01 to 20: (1 hour, 26 minutes,12 seconds. 01.Intro / 20.Looking For An Answer). 198 MB: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0za76z4171jtm08/PARTE+01+%2801+-+20%29.rar Track 21 to 40: (1 hour, 30 minutes, 23 seconds. 21.Waiting For The End / 40.Bleed It Out). 208 mb: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e94i24r6rcp9ocy/PARTE+02+%2821+-+40%29.rar And give me some news if i did something wrong. i just do things to me... but i see that many people are asking for this, so i uploaded at mediafire.com i hope all you enjoy this. PS: Tell me on twitter - @janwathier - the toughts about this.
  10. Hello friends. First of all... english isn't my first language, so sorry about the mistakes. I'm not here to request the links of anything. But we could do a playlist of the best of the DSP's??? a playlist with the best performances of all the songs without repeat the names. Since 2007 until 2012, we have dsp's with songs from HT to Living Things. This playlist could have 40 songs more or less. Anybody wanna help with that? it's 229 dsp's and it's impossible to do only by myself. Thank you. Let the game begins.
  11. in order, the singles from Meteora are: Somewhere I Belong Faint Numb From The Inside Breaking The Habit
  12. Hi. i'm new here. what's the best source to do a personal collection? thank you.
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