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LPU chat with Chester (Highlights)


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Wow, this was the longest chat I've been in.

Nearly 1.5 hours, with over 600 people and having went through some of the letters twice. it started with B and ended with P, having made a full round.


Hi Chester! I was wondering if there are any tour plans in the works to help promote your upcoming solo album?

CB: Yes plans on touring for my solo record, but no solid plans yet, we want to play as much as we can


So, Chester any idea when Dead by Sunrise's album will be out? Everything I have heard from it has been amazing so I can't wait! [...]

CB: [...] we're probably looking in realistic terms for Sept for Dead by Sunrise, it will be ready before then but it will make most sense to probably put it out that time


Chaz, will your back injury result in more mic stand songs?

CB: my back injury will basically ...i'm going to have to figure some things out. i get back spasms sometimes just from singing. so i'm not sure if i'll be jumping off or anything anytime soon. you are going to have to deal with me walking/stand


hey chester, will you play the mmm...cookies songs from the new undergroundcd live? [...]

CB: i'd probably imagine we're not going to play mmmm cookies- it wasn't really meant to be anything besides fun!


He also talked about his Crank 2 cameo and denied collaborations for the next album. For the full transcript head over to the LPU.


Full transcript also on the LPMB.

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Why not? It's not like it's never happened before. Staff members even used to post full transcripts of LPU chats on the LP.com messageboards.

That wasn't me who wrote it. I posted a link to the full transcript right after I made it. <_>



Some small statistics:


Chester answered 82 questions (I counted answers to people. There might be few questions by one guy, and few answers in one reply. I haven't counted that one. And somebody asked questions more than once, so it can't be number of people who have been replied to).


He missed only 12 questions, that have been passed by the MODers.


45 Letters have asked questions + numbers and underscores.


The chat lasted 1:32 since Chester answered the first question until he send the last reply.

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Why not? It's not like it's never happened before. Staff members even used to post full transcripts of LPU chats on the LP.com messageboards.

Cause I think people have to pay for the LPU like all the others for the full transcript. Also tons of people have trial accounts for the LPU due to the SFTU CD.
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I am quite suprised he stayed for like 1.5 hrs to answer so many questions. He is awsome!!!


He did give quite a lot good answers.


One of the best chat ever, although my eyes are in pain after staring the chat room for too long haha.


DBS in Sep!!! Oh my God!!! I thought it better comes out before summer.


If it really comes out in Sep he will tour and is that possible for next LP album come out this year??


Hope DBS won't hold forever............I feel like it just kept postphone.............




The other thing is I don't know why we can't have the full transcripts here.


I thought we used to have full transcripts of other previous chat here.


I think it's nice to keep a record.

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I don't know why but I've never found the LPU chats really that intresting, people just repeat questions that have userly alredey been answerd and the ones that might have an intresting response are ignored or blocked.


Sorry to go off topic, I've done this before I know, but I just lost this:




I'd never seen it before/wasn't sure what show it was, anyone recognise it (lol or win it off me?).

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What was it? :)


I didn't know 'bout Hit The Floor, but some time ago he said that he dislikes Runaway, because it's depressing him :)

i thought he said he didnt like runaway coz he was sick of playing it.. it sucks tht he doesnt like those two coz there both rly good songs and high on my list of faves (hit the floor is my fav meteora song).....damn no chance of ever hearing hit the floor live then :(


EDIT: By hear the song live, i mean see it in person, i have a recording of it being played live

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