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Custom Small Set


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The rules


-You must choose 1 song from each STUDIO album to create a small setlist that you'd LOVE to see. Realistic or not.


-You CANNOT choose anything from LPU, demo's, live-only songs, remixes/Reanimation, side release (New Divide, Little Boxes, etc.)


-You CAN substitute your song for the LPJZ version (except 99 Problems.)


-You CAN use a live extension/variation that the band have used, as long as it doesn't include another song (for example, Bleed It Out with APFMH, Victimized with QWERTY, etc.)


-However, you CAN substitute one song from your set for a specific extension (for example, BIO with APFMH uses your Minutes To Midnight slot AND Hybrid Theory slot, WFTE with Apaches intro uses your ATS and LT slots.)


Here's mine, for example:


01: A Place For My Head (2012 extensions)

02: No More Sorrow (long intro)

03: Castle Of Glass

04: Waiting For The End (Wall of Noise outro)

05: Faint/Jigga What (Live at Milton Keynes version)

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01. Penis

02. Butt


03. Boobs









































01. A Place For My Head (All Extenders)

02. CASTLE OF GLASS (Music Video Intro)

03. Faint (Ext. Outro)

04. When They Come For Me

05. Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge w/ everything; Slow > Fast Outro)

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01. No More Sorrow (Long Intro)

02. Figure.09

03. When They Come For Me (w/ Empty Spaces & megaphone)

04. VICTIMIZED (fuck LIVING THINGS, I'll take another Meteora song, lol)

05. A Place For My Head (Cleveland 2004 version - looooong intro, really extended bridge, Chester exploding)

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01: A Place For My Head (2008 version)


03: No More Sorrow (long intro)

04: When They come For Me

05: Faint (with extended outro)


That would be sweet. Already seen 4 of 6. Even if they played just those 6 songs, it'll still probably be one of my favourite gigs ever :lol:

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xx - What Ive done

xx - Numb

xx - In my remains

xx - Castle of Glass

xx - In the End

xx - One step closer







You're not getting it... only one song from each album, not 2 or 3 from your favourites. Rules are rules, read them. ;)

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