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Backstage With Linkin Park: 'Numb' Like You've Never Seen It


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There are those people who are probably convinced Linkin Park are a super-serious group of humorless musicians, and then there are those who have spent a little time with the California band and know the truth: Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and Co. are introspective artists with an extremely healthy sense of whimsy. ("I'm a 36-year-old man, I'm not an angst-ridden teenager anymore," Bennington told us with a chuckle). SPIN knows this from first-hand experience — we spent a chunk of the past few months on the road with the band as they cruised North America on the Honda Civic Tour, and captured the crew during moments of onstage glory and behind-the-scenes decompression. Watch our exclusive backstage footage to see the group's leaders chat about how playing live ultimately impacted their latest album, along with shots of Shinoda painting, Incubus' Mike Einziger plotting a spontaneous guest appearance, and a very special acoustic "Numb" jam that can best be described as deliciously loungey.


Watch the interview on SPIN page as well as a new version Numb.


Would you prefer this version to be performed on stage? Maybe just as a joke, or as a full country-version.

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hahahhahahhaha :D New version sucks ,hahahaha,funny way to sing,looks like an eighty years old guy is singing,it's ok to sing this version in 2050 lol


Crowd response matters a lot to the band,I really love the crowd response myself.You've bought a vip ticket or even a local ticket,all you need to do next is get into the show,feel the 'LIVE" experience ... Jump around,sing w/ the band,make'em happy,I wish to be in a LP concert.........concert goers who don't enjoy,sing w/ the band.......I feel sorry for them.haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


They posted a teaser of Chester performing Numb like that on Viddy a few weeks back. Funny stuff. I really enjoyed this video. It shows people that LP aren't this huge serious band.

link of viddy plz?

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The thing I found hilarious was that Chester's voice sounds infinitely better on the song when they're dicking around and playing it like that.


"I'm a 36 year old man, I'm not an angst-ridden teenager anymore." That's a line that should be shoved down some fans' throats until they get the picture.

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