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7th LPU Summit on November 7 - Cape Town, South Africa


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From LPU Newsletter:


"We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our 7th International LPU Summit on November 7 in Cape Town, South Africa*. Previous LPU Summits have taken place in London, Sydney, Chicago, Hamburg, Tokyo and Camden and included activities such as meet & greets with Linkin Park, backstage tours, walking across the stage, a jam band using LP's gear, watching soundchecks, acoustic sets by Linkin Park, Q&A's and more.


Passes for the Summit will be available to LPU members only starting Friday, October 19 at 9:00 AM local Cape Town time only at LPUnderground.com. Summit passes are FREE for LPU Plus Pass ($60) members as a benefit to your membership. If you have a $25 LPU pass, you can purchase a Summit pass for $50, or purchase a new $60 LPU Plus Pass membership for a free pass. Members will only be able to reserve ONE Summit pass each, if you have friends who want to try to attend they must JOIN LPU to get access to this benefit.


Also, for the first time ever, we will be selling exclusive LPU Summit t-shirts, specific for the Cape Town summit, for $25. You will ONLY be able to purchase this t-shirt at the time you reserve your Summit pass and MUST attend the Summit to pick up your shirt.


The Summit will begin at approximately 10:00AM on Wednesday, November 7 and will last all day until doors open for the show. Please make sure you are available to attend before you reserve a Summit pass.


Additional Summit details, including a Music For Relief tree planting activity on Tuesday, November 6 in Cape Town, will be announced in the coming days."


Anynone from LPL attending?

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Well the summit is international so there should be people from all over the world like on past summits.


all good :P :)

true - I remember people from all across the world coming to the london one, crazy places like AUS and NZ!


no worries, I notice for example that we have a large American/German fanbase here, but a relatively small representation of Asian fans. language barriers I guess. it's not as if the band's not popular there and I find that kinda interesting

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Sigh, if i didn't write an exam on the 9th i would have been there... They just had to come to SA the only time i can't go see them. A lot of my friends are going, but they are casual fans so no hope there.

oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnn,what a bad bad bad luck you've got,I feel sorry for you,are they final exams?exams never end,they're coming to your country for the very first time!
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They should offer them for purchase now because 2012 is almost over,cover of CD'12 is cool Posted Image

No offense but that cover sucks ass. I'd still buy it for the music, but yeah. I'm not sure if they'll sell the CDs at the Summit, something tells me they won't because it's early in November.

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