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29.06.2012 - Los Angeles, CA - X Games MUSIC


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Tonight LP will play an exclusive show at X Games MUSIC which is part of the popular X Games sports event. They will perform the show at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles, even though the band has played many venues in the LA area throught their career, this is their first time at this venue.

As of now, this will also be their last show before the Honda Civic Tour with Incubus!

After being sick for the two Japan promo performances Brad joined back in for the Jimmy Kimmel Live performance where they performed an 8 songs set (show page here).


As reported previously the show will be webcasted LIVE tonight at MySpace.com. So stay tuned for more info about that.


Livestream: http://www.myspace.com/livestream/linkinpark



Here are the other two songs from Jimmy Kimmel that were just broadcasted last night:




Who's going?


Edit: Setlist via Mike Shinoda Clan and @AllisonPink3 X




02. Faint

03. Papercut

04. With You

05. Runaway

06. Given Up

07. Blackout

08. Somewhere I Belong

09. New Divide


11. Points Of Authority

12. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro)

13. Breaking The Habit

14. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)

15. The Catalyst

16. What I've Done

17. Crawling

18. One Step Closer


20. In The End

21. Numb

22. Bleed It Out (w/ Sabotage bridge)

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Unless you are one single guy and a whole empty stadium is your dance floor ^^

WIN!!! :D


yeah but LGM is a song for moshpits ;)


i think they will play:





04.Given Up

05.Lies Greed Misery

06.Waiting for the End

07.Breaking the Habit


09.What Ive Done


11.One Step Closer


12.Burn It Down

13.In The End


15.Bleed It Out

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ripping through cuts from their brand-new album, Living Things, which features the new singles “I’ll Be Gone” and “Burn It Down.”


Yeah, Living Things features those songs, but does the live performance? :D

Oh. :P
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