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Linkin Park live stream today?


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"LP performs live at Warner Bros. Records' Summer Sessions concert series, live streamed from The Warner Sound on Friday, June 1st at 1 pm PST.


Warner Bros. Records Summer Sessions concert series is a string of exclusive intimate live performance showcasing WBR artists streamed live every Friday on The Warner Sound."


Apparently a performance is going to be streamed in 30 minutes? An "intimate live performance."


EDIT: Apparently this is for the band called LP, not Linkin Park. Sorry. (LPL staff note: Never heard of a band called LP.....)

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haha epic fail :D


But am I the only one who thinks that it's weird, that WB signed a band who's name is LP, the shortcut of a great selling rock band, also signed at WB ? Sucks for Linkin Park, I think. After all the name issues they ran through, back in the days, it's also very ridiculous since everybody might use LP as a shortcut for Linkin Park.


But let's look at the bright side: People like fuckin' Mark Suckerberg would have already tried to sue the band for the similarity.. ^^

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No but whatever, that's what we get for taking the LP abbreviation for granted.

Yeah. I got excited cause the link was listed under the "Linkin Park" tag on tumblr. So that put "LP" into the Linkin Park context for me.



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Linkin Park is added now?




Yes, they are but only 15min... and not live



Before it was 15 minutes, but changed to 30 minutes now? See the link again!


01:00 Machine Head

02:00 Linkin Park

02:30 Motörhead

02:45 Kasabian

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