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Chester in Kerrang!


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In this week's issue of Kerrang! magazine, out in stores tomorrow, there is an interview with Chester about the new album.

A preview is available here- http://www.kerrang.com/blog/newissue/

On the cover, it says "New album exclusive! The guitars are back!"

May be able to give you guys screenshots of the article when I get the magazine tomorrow.

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got the same article on LPA and according to them also Chester sad:


"The new songs are about finding a positive twist in the darkest moments..." - Chester Bennington


still can't wait for the scan of the entire article to read it fully

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Whatever it sounds like, Ill listen to it and support it, BUT, i don't like the description o this new album at all. Could be wrong though, I just hope it isn't anything like the first 2 albums. Excited though were so close to release.

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But...there were guitars all over ATS.

so true, ATS was full of guitar parts, just more subtle and understated...


will go have a look at the scans in a sec too

EDIT: tidy. still no actual release date stuff via chester though :P

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Bye bye to shitty ATS music! CANNOT WAIT.

LOL ATS music wasn't shitty, it was just different! But still, I'm happy to see there won't be an ATS.20 (at least it seems so)

Where can i read the interview?, I cant find that magazine in my country...

Scans are online on site LP association ;) Edited by Qwerty18
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Lol interviews like these make people more bitchy when it actually comes out and it's not what they wanted to hear.

In my opinion, I'd rather not have every song be up tempo. As much as I love jumping around at shows the softer songs seem to be more the ones that I can relate to.

Then again I have no idea what any of it will sound like I'm just happy it's getting closer!

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